The Less Obvious - Grim Fandango Hidden Things
Grim Fandango is loaded with hidden meanings, as well as many interactive elements which you're bound to miss the first time around - giving the game great replayability value.

Whilst efforts have been made to list as many interesting ones as possible, there's always the chance that some have been missed. If you've spotted something we haven't, let us know. Feel free to also report inaccuracies.

#1 - Logo madness:
Throughout the game, you may notice famous logos from other LucasArts titles appearing. In Toto's tattoo parlour, a poster next to Toto's phone can seen with various tattoo designs on it - featuring both Sam & Max, and Full Throttle's Corley Motors.

#2 - It's all in a name:
Many characters and locations have names which translate into appropriate words. The more obvious ones include: #3 - Interesting things that you may have missed: