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Grim Fandango is being remastered!
By Thrik, 14 June 2014.
I don't think anybody saw this coming: Sony has announced that it's secured a deal with Disney — which obtained the rights to Grim Fandango along with virtually everything else LucasArts owned — to develop and release a remastered edition of Grim Fandango. It'll launch exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and Vita, however rumour has it that it'll hit the PC and others at a later time.

While there are few details right now, the project is being handled by Double Fine, the studio where Grim Fandango creator Tim Schafer and various members of his team ended up following their departure from LucasArts. As such, it's safe to say that the remaster is in the right hands and will be treated with the care that it deserves.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to mention that the Grim Fandango Network will be getting a long-overdue revamp during the next few months, with lots of content from our vast archive making a reappearance plus of course any information about the remastered edition of Grim Fandango as it comes.

In the meantime, Double Fine has released two fascinating videos that any die-hard Grim Fandango fan should enjoy: a Grim Fandango retrospective, and 90 minutes of Tim Schafer re-playing Grim Fandango for the first time in years.

Residual gets a second wind
By Thrik, 11 May 2009.
The Residual project has been around for a number of years now, designed to do for Grim Fandango what ScummVM did for all the SCUMM-based LucasArts adventure games: get them working on newer and alternative systems. However, for most of these years the project has sadly been neglected, moving on very little.

Keen to change things, the project has been given a fresh lease of life and now has its own website. The team is eager to get any help it can, so if you think you can contribute to the project please get over there.

As the Residual project is far from maturity, in the meantime I think it apt to remind you that the Grim Fandango Network continues to operate a support forum that has been helping people out with their Grim Fandango issues for almost a decade. Be sure to check them out for existing solutions to problems, and to bring new ones to the community's attention.

And while I'm posting news, most of you are probably aware of this but a new game by Grim Fandango designer Tim Schafer is due for release in several months: Brütal Legend. I run a website that has tonnes of information about it, and the latest trailer came out recently. Be sure to have a look — if you like one of Tim Schafer's games, chances are you'll like most/all of them.

Grim Fandango puzzle/design document released
By Thrik, 05 November 2008.
It's a serious pain to update this site at the moment (the rebuild is coming eventually), so I'll keep this short: Tim Schafer has released the puzzle/design document for Grim Fandango, which includes lots of brand new concept art and scenes/puzzles that were cut from the game. It's seriously awesome, and you should read my post about it on Mojo right now.

In other news, I recently launched BRUTAL! The Legendary Fan Site — a fan site for Tim Schafer's upcoming Brutal Legend. It's definitely a site you should be keeping your eye on if you're interested in the next game from the man behind Grim Fandango (and also Psychonauts).

Grim Fandango featured in The Escapist
By Thrik, 05 March 2008.
I'm just breaking news silence to mention that Grim Fandango has been featured in The Escapist, a very popular online magazine about gaming culture. Since it's quite rarely that Grim Fandango gets prominent exposure like this, and that a few guys from the Grim Fandango community answered some questions for the article, I figured it's worth making sure you see it.

Novelty aside, the article itself is definitely worth a read and will probably tug some nostalgia strings. It's essentially a look at the enduring love for Grim Fandango, its sales, etc. Check it out!

Things are dormant right now
By Thrik, 23 June 2006.
Hi, Grim Fandango fan! Things are going to remain quiet around here for a while. Grim Fandango news has been at a complete standstill for a very long time now, and it's almost guaranteed to remain that way. This site has well and truly fulfilled its purpose of being a central hub of Grim Fandango news.

However! The site isn't going to go anywhere, nor is it going to remain as it is. At some point during 2007 the site will be redeveloped as a museum, intended to sit on the internet for as long as humanely possible as a tribute to Grim Fandango, complete with stacks of information, exhaustive archives of everything the community's produced, and essentially anything else a fan might be interested in.

Until then, enjoy the content that's already here, check out the links page for some other Grim Fandango websites, and definitely take a peek at the still-whirring community forums.

Whoa, something new and GF-related?
By Thrik, 28 Nov 2005.
Incredibly, the total absence of any Grim Fandango news ever has been temporarily remedied with the advent of a new videogame remix album. Tributing various American composers, this little project takes a bunch of their works and then turns them into new works.

Fortunately for us, Peter McConnell's "Bone Wagon" happens to be one of the tracks remixed, although sadly the only Grim Fandango track there. In the author's own words:

"Simply put, the music from "Grim Fandango" is awesome. So awesome that it is very hard to compete with. Yet I still wanted to remix something from it. So, I took my favorite tune from the game, and - considering the story of the game is played out by skeletons - I made it sound like bones. A bass marimba, two regular marimbas, and a xylophone, to be specific. It's short, but it's cute."

Click here to have a listen. You may be interested in the other stuff, too. In wildly unrelated news, look for an announcement at the top of this page later tonight. It'll explain the deadness.

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Oh man, news!
By Thrik, 04 Sep 2004. Comments (0)
Just in case you've been wondering where the updates were, they're still on their way. A few other issues involving college and other such things have cropped up and are eating away at my time a little. This will delay the updates by a week or so.

However, I do have something for you. Bret Mogilefsky, the lead programmer of Grim Fandango (as can be read about here), has very kindly written in with a small easter egg in the game which you probably missed.

If you type blam into the game whilst on any screen, Manny will perform an amusing little action for you. Most excellent.

Finally, a big thanks to the dozens who have emailed in with info and other such things. It is highly appreciated, and whilst I have no been able to respond to everyone yet your emails have been read. A huge thanks, and your submissions will be added to the site when it receives the next big update.

Missing content section
By Thrik, 17 Aug 2004. Comments (0)
You'll notice that a new section has magically appeared on the menu, namely the missing content section. It's a small archive of the images and sound files included with the game that were never triggered in the game itself. Most interesting.

This is one of a few extra sections that will be added over the next week or so, originally intended to be up for the launch but weren't due to the timing problems. The highly sought characters and locations sections are also nearing completion, so expect them shortly.

By Thrik, 16 Aug 2004. Comments (0)
To keep you all nice and occupied until the characters and wallpapers sections receive their big debut, I'll share with you some of the links and tidbits of information which I've been emailed over the past few days.

Chris has written in with mention of this link, which describes the process of creating a most excellent looking Manny Calavera mask - perfect for your upcoming Halloween activities, should you celebrate it.

Alia has expanded upon the previously submitted fan music by also emailing in with the sheet music for it. You can check those out here (Sanspoof) and here (She Sailed Away). Just what you need if you feel like playing a bit 'o' Grim Fandango.

Richard has also written in with mention of this charming little homage to Grim Fandango. Any fan of the game should enjoy reading it, so have a blast.

Finally, the fan art section has been given a quick update. There's quite a bit more to be added, but this was at the top of my "pile". They should sedate you for at least a few hours.

PS: People that rip off websites are really totally not cool. You know who you are. We know who you are. Not impressed.

Slight problems
By Thrik, 14 Aug 2004. Comments (0)
As you probably noticed, there have been some problems with the network overnight. MixnMojo and various other sites have had errors, as well as us.

They should all be resolved now, but unfortunately all the comments left on the news were somehow wiped. Apologies if you commented and it's lost, but it shouldn't happen again - I've set up backups so they can simply be restored in future.

A dash of fan art
By Thrik, 13 Aug 2004. Comments (0)
Work is underway on the new fan art and wallpaper sections (we could use more content though, if you feel like producing any), which should be up within the week.

I've just made a small piece of fan art to give you something to look at it while you wait - it's nothing special, but go check it out in the fan art section. There's also a larger version of the balloons available in the wallpaper section.

If you don't get what my fan art's on about, it's based on "raz's" Double Fine Action Comics, a series that any self-respecting Tim Schafer fan should be following.

Also, a lot of people missed this, so I'll repeat it again. The characters and locations sections are still under construction, they are not supposed to be working at the moment. Expect them to be up properly, like the fan art and wallpaper sections, at the end of the week.

I'm determined to make these the most detailed characters and locations sections on the web, so it will take some time to do properly. That's all, angels.