About the GFN

Grim Fandango Network, circa 2001

Grim Fandango Network, circa 2001

The Grim Fandango Network is one of the internet’s first Grim Fandango fan websites, established in 1998 by Michael Yared during the lead-up to the game’s release. This was a time when LucasArts was still enjoying its golden age and had recently released The Curse of Monkey Island, and Google had yet to be founded as a company.

Its singular mission was and is to be the most in-depth Grim Fandango resource on the web. The site has been through a number of permutations, with ownership passing to David Eggers and eventually Ryan Williams. Hundreds of fans have been instrumental in making the website an enduring tribute to one of the world’s most well-regarded games.

Over the years, the website’s focus has shifted towards archiving and preserving Grim Fandango‘s legacy. It’s now a growing museum of articles, fan work, information, media, websites, and anything else pertinent to Grim Fandango and its dedicated community that thrived for many years.


Many have contributed towards the Grim Fandango Network over the years. A number of particularly dedicated individuals have served as staff members and devoted much of their time to cultivating the website’s content and community. Some of these splendid people are:


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