Puzzle Document

Grim Fandango Puzzle Document
Grim Fandango Puzzle Document

The Grim Fandango Puzzle Document is the game’s initial design document, used to pitch Grim Fandango to LucasArts so that it could be developed. It contains designer Tim Schafer‘s vision of the entire game before any of it was built, which is remarkably consistent with what was eventually put together.

It includes a significant amount of cut content — characters, locations, and backstory that never made it into the final game. There’s also quite a bit of concept art, although much of this is in Grim Fandango Remastered.

Virtually all of the information contained within the Puzzle Document is being integrated into the ‘behind the scenes’ sections of our character and location pages. However, if you can’t wait for this process to be completed or you’d just like to peruse the document for yourself, it’s waiting for you below.

Download Puzzle Document

8 Replies to “Puzzle Document”

  1. Did you know a lot of the cut content in this document exists as images in the storyboards? For example, the pizza delivery car and big dog trip over the river?

    Might be good to get them uploaded here as they contain cut content.

    I managed to find online versions on the grimfandangoart tumblr (not sure if I can post a link, look at posts tagged “storyboard”), which may be easier to see than the in-game versions. I’m also curious if there are any better quality versions, there’s one scene that looks like it could be the “Manny’s brother in the land of the living” presumably asleep? But it’s hard to see any detail at all. Googling I was able to locate photos of 2 pages of printed versions on twitter from 2 months ago, so it seems higher res exists (possibly that double fine book?)

    1. I agree it would be good to get more concept/storyboard content on the site — I’ll try to get some sorted.

      There is quite a lot in Grim Fandango Remastered which I’ve been meaning to extract.

    1. Sorry about that, it broke a couple of weeks ago it seems during some updates. I’ve just fixed it.

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