Calavera Café concept art
Calavera Café concept art

Dear Diary,

Guess what? I’m writing to you from the future! Isn’t that cool? In my time it’s actually November 5, 1997 – the Day of the Dead. I’m just sitting here – in the future – writing my first installment of a designer diary for GameSpot. I hope it will be a candid tell-all, which will hopefully leave you with both a lingering sense of pity for us in game development and a strong desire to rush out and buy Grim Fandango! But to really do it right, I feel that a designer diary should tell the whole story, from beginning to end. So, we need to travel back, way back to June of ’95. Full Throttle had just finished, and I was starting to feel a little restless…

Well, Full Throttle has just finished, and I’m starting to feel a little restless. I have no idea what to do next! I should take a vacation, but I’m really nervous about getting a new game started before I leave. And I’m worried someone will steal my office while I’m gone. I should be working on a new idea, but all I seem to be doing is playing Warcraft. I love this game! I don’t know what my next game’s going to be about, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one of these Warcraft-style games. That’s for sure.

Tim Schafer, Grim Fandango Designer

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