Toto: Someone else is here.
Toto: Let’s just say it’s bad.
Toto: Yes. Yes. Tears were shed.
Toto: No, no, go, go ahead. Tell me the whole thing. I am listening.
Naranja: zzzzzzZZZ.
Naranja: ZZzzzz…
Naranja: Aaaaaaaa!
Toto: Hey! Shut the door! You slow down my grinder, very painful! Very painful, eh Naranja? Like torture, eh?
Toto: Shut the damn door! Nothing to eat in there! You want a snack, go get your mother!
Toto: Stay out of my fridge! [Don’t make me come in there and kick your ass!]
Toto: I kill you!
Toto: Eh? Who is over there?
Toto: [What the hell?] Look! You broke it.
Toto: Now it won’t shut.
Toto: When I’m done with Naranja here, I’m going to…
Toto: …tattoo big, floppy ears on the side of your head so people know what a jackass you are!
Manny: I don’t want to wake up Toto!
Toto: Put that crazy blade away. No room in here for that kind of thing!
Manny: “Liquid Nitrogen — Not to be used on bone.”
Manny: There can’t be too much in here–I’d better save it.
Manny: It’s all gone!
Manny: It’s a little cabinet.
Manny: Ah ha!
Manny: Looks like Toto finally went shopping!
Toto: Yeah, I got to remember to get more liquid nitrogen from the morgue.
Manny: Liquid nitrogen?
Toto: Freeze the bones, less painful that way.
Naranja: Hey, that sounds good. I could go for that!
Toto: You got plenty of pain killer in that bottle of yours, so shut up and hold still!
Manny: Looks like a lettuce crisper.
Manny: …smells more like a fungus crisper to me.
Manny: Nothin’ in there but stains.
Manny: That’s one old fridge.
Manny: Ohhh, Toto’s plumb tuckered out.
Manny: Doesn’t look like YOU’LL be showing up to work in the morning.
Manny: Lot of stains for a guy with no bodily fluids.
Manny: No, I don’t want to disturb his grumpy little dreams.
Manny: Let’s see what you got on ya, eh sailor?
Manny: Hmmm…
Manny: I already searched him pretty thoroughly.
Manny: I really doubt I’ll be touching that any time soon.
Manny: No. I stole them. They’re mine now.
Manny: `Seaman Anselmo Naranja. Ensign, third class.`
Manny: I could put them on, but I don’t think that would fool Velasco.
Manny: I wonder if Inez has cooled off yet?
Manny: Oooh, that reminds me. I forgot about my date with Inez!
Manny: Hello, operator?
Manny: Yeah, it’s me Manny! I was just passing through town and–
Manny: Wow. Still mad…
Manny: Yeah, it’s me baby. How’d you know?
Manny: Hey, don’t say that sweetheart. You know I meant to stop by ‘n —
Manny: I’m more happy about leaving town every minute.
Manny: I think I’ll stay off the phone for a while. Just until Inez calms down.
Manny: Hola, Toto. øCÛmo est·s?
Manny: What’s that you’re working on there?
Manny: A caterpillar?
Manny: A mouse?
Manny: A caterpillar eating a mouse?
Manny: Is that a shoe?
Manny: Is that supposed to be a bunny?
Manny: Looks good, whatever it is.
Manny: I think that art class REALLY helped.
Manny: Can I try it for a while?
Manny: Missed a spot.
Manny: I can’t really make it out, but it looks like my parents fighting.
Manny: I think I hear you grinding your teeth. You really shouldn’t do that.
Manny: I’m thinking about heading out for donuts. Want anything?
Manny: Keep up the good work.
Toto: Not now, Manny. I’m in the middle of something with Naranja here.
Toto: I told you Calavera, not now.
Toto: [What a pain in the ass. Wish he’d shut the hell up.]
Toto: You push me to edge, Calavera!
Toto: Why are you down here, anyway?
Toto: Ahh, get lost!
Toto: Don’t you have some fancy club to run someplace?
Toto: Go mark some cards or something.
Toto: Shut up!
Toto: (grunt)
Toto: (grunt)
Toto: (grunt)
Toto: (grunt)
Toto: (grunt)
Toto: (grunt)
Toto: (grunt)
Toto: What’s that? Am I being inspected? Are you with the health department or something? Go away. I pay my money this month.
Toto: Not impressed.
Toto: Too big–Take off the whole arm. Only do that if design turns out bad.
Toto: Ha! Communism’s dead!
Manny: So are we.
Toto: But at least there was a time when I worked! Eh? Ha ha ha!
Toto: What? Are you trying to sell me something?
Toto: Hmmm. I haven’t had a good piece of Lengua since you shut the Rub-A-Mat down! You and your fancy food, with the parsley and the foil swans…
Toto: Manny, do you mind? Artist at work here, eh?
Manny: It’s the ladder I came in on.
Manny: I think these are binders of tattoo designs…
Manny: They’re labeled, “Nautical” and “Nice…”
Manny: And a third one says just, “Anchormania!”
Toto: AH AH AH! Get away from that!
Manny: Strong stuff. That oughta kill the pain.
Naranja: Should, but it don’t.
Toto: I kill the pain. Turn off my drill, stop working. How about that?
Naranja: No, no, no! I can take it!
Naranja: Bring it on, pops!
Toto: I’ll ‘pop’ you, sailor-boy…
Manny: He’d notice if I took it, and he’s bigger than me.
Naranja: Wup–I need that!
Toto: You need to hold still, or I need to strap you down!
Manny: Nah, he’d see me do it!
Manny: I could siphon out some booze, but the baster wouldn’t fit down the neck of the bottle.
Manny: And anyway, I’ve got plenty of hooch back at my place.
Manny: There’s stronger stuff than that in there already.
Manny: Looks like it hurts.
Manny: Oh, no. No more picking up sailors for me!
Manny: Pain getting to you, sailor?
Naranja: No, no, but the booze is, a little.
Manny: Looks like these cats are almost scruff and scruff…
Manny: Looks like Membrillo finally locked up and went home.
Manny: Hmmmm…
Manny: Late night at the morgue, isn’t it Membrillo?
Membrillo: You know I can’t sleep with John Does on the slab, Manny.
Membrillo: If I don’t ID these rose gardens tonight, I won’t be ready for the two that come in tomorrow, and before you know it…
Membrillo: …I’m up to my ass in azaleas.
Manny: Any leads?
Membrillo: I know it’s a poor coroner who blames his tools, Manny…
Membrillo: …but how am I supposed to turn up anything with the equipment they give me?
Manny: Hey, I had a government job for years, man.
Manny: I know how you feel.
Manny: I’d hate to end up like this.
Membrillo: Then take my advice–buy an ID bracelet and wear it, always.
Manny: Wouldn’t match my cufflinks.
Manny: I don’t think picking flowers is really appropriate right now.
Manny: Digging through flower beds is Membrillo’s job, not mine.
Manny: Are you sure you’re looking hard enough?
Membrillo: Look, Manuel, these old eyes are tired…
Membrillo: I’m doing the best I can, but the average retirement-age beachcomber has more sophisticated equipment than I’ve got here!
Manny: I think Membrillo could really use a nice tropical vacation.
Manny: Would a metal detector help the cause?
Membrillo: Hey, just like downtown!
Membrillo: You never know what this’ll turn up!
Membrillo: An engraved ring… a belt buckle with somebody’s name on it…
Manny: He, he, he, he, who would wear a belt buckle with their…
Manny: Oh.
Membrillo: Only until I finish up here.
Manny: Hey, should I close this?
Membrillo: No, I’m trying to air it out.
Manny: What a sad story, these two sprouted and no one came down to claim them…
Membrillo: Death makes sad stories of us all.
Manny: How’s business?
Membrillo: Booming, unfortunately.
Membrillo: More crime every day, and more and more sproutings like these.
Membrillo: Something’s happening back in El Marrow, I think, and its dark hand is finally reaching us here in Rubacava.
Manny: What exactly are you looking for?
Membrillo: I’m digging for a treasure that part of me does not wish to find…
Membrillo: For when I uncover that sad doubloon that tells me who this poor soul is…
Membrillo: …my reward is not riches, but the chance to make a phone call, and break somebody’s heart.
Membrillo: Thanks for the metal detector, by the way.
Membrillo: Of course, with this equipment, the search could go on for some time.
Manny: Can I help?
Membrillo: Sure, grab hold of this leaf right here…
Membrillo: …Manny?
Manny: I can’t do it.
Membrillo: I know, I was just testing.
Manny: How do you do this job?
Membrillo: Without becoming jaded, you mean?
Membrillo: My secret to happiness, Manuel, is that I have the heart of a twelve-year-old boy.
Membrillo: I keep it over here in a jar. Would you like to see it?
Manny: NO!
Membrillo: Sorry. Old coroner joke.
Manny: Do you ever worry that your job is getting to you, Membrillo?
Membrillo: Well, forensic botany is a trying job, Manny, but have you ever spent much time here with a florist?
Membrillo: In life, they became florists because they loved flowers, but here…
Membrillo: …a flower is a symbol of pain, of death within death.
Membrillo: Their conflicted feelings build and build, and eventually they become quite mad.
Manny: Thanks for the tip.
Manny: I guess I’ll send balloon bouquets from now on.
Manny: Membrillo, why do you stay in town?
Manny: Why don’t you head off toward the Ninth Underworld?
Membrillo: Manny, you can only search for something for so many years…
Membrillo: …before you stop believing in it altogether.
Manny: You don’t believe in the Ninth Underworld?
Membrillo: Why do you think we’re all here in Rubacava?
Manny: Cuz you’re waiting to earn off your time, or you can’t afford passage, or…
Membrillo: Manny, we’ve given up. All of us.
Membrillo: When you’ve been here long enough, you will, too.
Manny: Well, don’t let me bother you…
Membrillo: Always nice to have visitors.
Manny: I know that statue is supposed to mean something about justice, but I don’t know…
Manny: It could be a statue of a famous olympic gymnast, I guess…
Manny: Maybe it’s supposed to be an angel on a subway train…
Manny: Could just be a guy in a cap doing magic tricks…
Manny: Maybe he’s supposed to be playing tambourines?
Manny: Let’s just say it has something to do with justice.
Manny: Hey, the new blimp is already in full operation.
Manny: Let’s just hope they fill it with something non-flammable this time.
Manny: It only goes to the Land of the Living, and there’s nothing for me there.
Carla: Ha ha!
Carla: Another senseless act of terrorism, nipped in the bud by Security Officer Carla.
Carla: Wow. It was completely destroyed by our own detonators, so I can’t tell what kind of bomb it was.
Carla: But here’s something…
Manny: A key. I’d better bring that to Chief Bogen.
Carla: Yeah, you can analyze it with your metal detector.
Carla: Yeah, it’s probably the key to some terrorist hideout!
Carla: Ooooh! I love this part!
Carla: Sir, if you will, please, place all of your belongings on the security desk…
Carla: …and then jump out the damn window!
Manny: Oh, Carla…
Carla: You sure you’re not packing anything else?
Manny: Nothing that would set off that thing.
Carla: Then, sir, I’m afraid you’ll have to step into the back with me.
Manny: Rules are rules.
Manny: (burp)
Carla: Ah, you’re clean.
Carla: Rats, Manny! I almost had to strip-search ya!
Carla: (Buuurp!)
Carla: Wow, Manny Calavera. You never come up here to see me anymore.
Manny: Well, I thought you could use the company, with everybody gone for the Day of the Dead.
Carla: In that case, Manny, why don’t you stick around until six?
Carla: That’s when I get off.
Manny: What was Nick doing with this key?
Manny: This key doesn’t work there.
Manny: I don’t really want to give this to Bogen!
Manny: I was just trying to fool Carla, for crying out loud!
Manny: Next beach I see, I’m finding me a watch.
Manny: It’s a metal detector.
Carla: Oh, THAT explains why it never gets my hair dry!
Manny: Are you sure I can’t just…
Carla: Don’t touch!
Manny: Hm. I think it’s just picking up my blade.
Carla: Manny? Are you going back to the Land of the Living?
Manny: Isn’t today the Day of the Dead?
Carla: But you’re always moping around about not having anyone to visit back there…
Manny: Well, maybe I just like blimp rides.
Carla: Sorry, Manny. The shuttle’s not ready for boarding yet.
Carla: You’re gonna have to wait.
Manny: Ah, Carla.
Manny: Forgiven me yet?
Carla: Still in the anger phase.
Manny: You wouldn’t happen to have a second metal detector around here, would you?
Carla: Ugh!
Carla: Manny, I’m on duty!
Carla: Oh, have a little respect, will ya?
Manny: Lotta paperwork.
Carla: Lotta passengers. Everybody’s back home but you and me.
Carla: Hey, official documents. Don’t touch.
Manny: When’d you put in a floor safe?
Carla: That’s our new contained-detonation chamber, in case someone tries to come through here with a bomb!
Manny: Since when does Rubacava have a terrorism problem?
Carla: This town’s changing, Manny. It’s getting tougher every day.
Manny: I’ve got to get one of these things for my office.
Manny: The trick with these things is just to act casual.
Manny: Looks like the detector flew into one of the cat stables.
Manny: Nice view of the giant cat litter…
Manny: Things do look bad, but this jump wouldn’t do the trick, unfortunately.
Manny: These lockers have a note on them…
Manny: “Employees: I don’t care who’s doing it, but please…
Manny: …stop using the contained-detonation chamber to crack open walnuts. Thank you.”
Manny: They’re locked.
Carla: They’re LOCKers.
Manny: That’s the way downstairs.
Manny: Bye, Carla!
Carla: Drop dead.
Carla: What’s that?
Carla: What?
Manny: Cigarettes, what does it look like?
Carla: Can’t smoke on the job, Manny.
Carla: Don’t try to make nice, Manny, it’s too late.
Manny: It’s a new compact for your makeup.
Carla: Manny, I don’t wear make-up, you know that.
Manny: And I’m not saying you need to.
Carla: Good.
Manny: It’s a little something special I bought for you.
Carla: That’s so nice, Manny!
Carla: But save it for later, okay?
Carla: When I’m off duty?
Manny: I don’t know. I found it under your desk.
Carla: Unattended?
Manny: Yes
Carla: Oh my God!
Carla: Give me that!
Carla: It’s a bomb!
Manny: No, there was a shifty looking guy with crazy eyes who put it there.
Manny: Pretty exciting day, huh?
Carla: I’m still buzzed from that explosion!
Manny: Busy night?
Carla: Hardly.
Carla: Everybody’s gone home for the holiday already.
Carla: This place is dead and I’m bored, Manny, bored!
Manny: What’s the shuttle waiting for?
Carla: Ah, they’re just cleaning it, but they’re very thorough.
Carla: We run a tight ship here, you know.
Manny: Can I try out your metal detector?
Carla: What’s your sudden interest in metal detectors, Manny?
Manny: I’m just a collector.
Manny: I need it to find coins in my couch.
Manny: I think it would look cool on my utility belt.
Manny: I just want to borrow it for a secret project.
Carla: Well, I’ll show it to you when I’m on break, how’s that?
Manny: When’s your break?
Carla: Dawn.
Manny: Oh, that’s too late! I’m shipping out tonight!
Carla: Yeah, right.
Carla: I’ve fallen for that line TOO many times…
Manny: I think it’s time for your break.
Manny: We could slip in the back for a little drink, you can tell me all about your job… the danger…
Manny: …the metal detectors…
Carla: That back room’s all business, Manny, and so am I.
Manny: What kind of business goes on back there, Carla?
Carla: Strip searches, and you don’t qualify.
Manny: Why don’t I qualify for a strip search?
Carla: Manny, I agree, it would help pass the time, but we have procedures and rules here…
Carla: …and you never know when THEY’RE watching.
Carla: I can only strip search people when a regular search turns up nothing.
Manny: Hey, it’s worth a try.
Manny: Why don’t you come by the club anymore?
Carla: Well, to tell you the truth, Manny, it’s your little coat-check girl.
Carla: All that bubbly energy, I just want to strangle her!
Manny: I’ve tried that. It doesn’t stop her.
Manny: Well, see ya, Carla.
Carla: All right, Manny.
Manny: So, is it time for your break yet?
Carla: I told you, not til dawn.
Carla: Kind of romantic though, don’t you think?
Carla: …and of course with my Dad being in the military we moved around a lot…
Manny: Mmmm-hmmm.
Carla: I remember this one town we moved to when I was in the first grade…
Manny: Oh, really?
Carla: Yeah, the only industry in the area was figs…
Carla: …acres and acres of fig trees, everywhere you looked…
Carla: …I myself, never really cared for figs.
Manny: No, no. Me neither.
Manny: Actually, figs are a personal favorite.
Carla: I always liked dates more.
Manny: Mmmmm. Dates.
Carla: Or prunes. Don’t you just love prunes?
Manny: Never a big fan of prunes.
Carla: They have such a great texture…
Manny: Speaking of metal detectors…
Carla: All wrinkled up like my Grandma Hedwig’s face…
Carla: …Oh, poor Grandma Hedwig…
Manny: Hedwig. Now, that’s an interesting name…
Carla: …she was always forgetting things.
Carla: I remember one time back when I was six…
Manny: Ah, six. The golden year.
Carla: …or maybe I was seven…
Manny: Probably you were seven.
Carla: no no no no…I had to be six because Mr. Ruffus was still alive.
Manny: Mr. Ruffus?
Manny: Funny, that’s the name of my bookie.
Manny: Could I hold that metal detector for a second?
Carla: Now, there was a good dog, Mr. Ruffus!
Manny: I’ll bet.
Manny: I remember I had a dog once…
Carla: Such a sweet little puppy, we didn’t care that he was deaf…
Manny: Eh? What’s that? Ha ha.
Carla: He was as deaf as they come, but he’d still try to bark…
Manny: Have you ever eaten bark? It’s not that bad.
Carla: …and it would come out sounding like a cat coughing up a hairball…
Manny: I remember I had a hairball once…
Carla: …which our cat often did, he had such long hair…
Manny: Oh, ick.
Carla: I don’t really like long-haired cats, do you, Manny?
Manny: No, because the taxidermist charges extra for them.
Manny: No, they’re harder to pick out of the grill.
Manny: You know what I like? METAL DETECTORS!
Carla: They’re just so…
Carla: I like short-haired cats.
Carla: They seem less stuck-up.
Manny: Well, now, that’s a good point.
Carla: People think I’m stuck-up sometimes, believe it or not.
Manny: No, I just can’t believe that.
Manny: Actually, I thought you were pretty stuck-up the first time I met you.
Manny: Why? Because you wouldn’t let them touch your metal detector?
Carla: No, they really do. I don’t know why.
Carla: I guess it’s just because I’m so shy…
Manny: Yes, you seem shy.
Carla: I was shy all the way through high school…
Manny: I was in detention all the way through high school.
Carla: I never went to a single dance, can you believe it?
Manny: I’ll take you dancing tonight if you let me borrow that thing!
Carla: Ah-ha ha ho, don’t get me wrong, the boys would ask, but I’d just run away.
Manny: Running away. That sounds pretty good right now…
Carla: My mom said I could have been homecoming queen if I’d just smile once in a while…
Manny: Well, Moms are always right!
Manny: Your mom must have loved you very much.
Manny: Hey, “Mom” begins with “M.” Do you know what else does?
Carla: She always said, “A smile is the most important part of any outfit!”
Carla: Well, maybe I would have smiled more Mom, if you hadn’t drank so much!
Manny: Uh…
Manny: Oh…um…
Manny: I would smile more if I had a metal detector.
Carla: Was I supposed to smile when the cops called us in the middle of the night to tell us to come get you out of the drunk tank?
Manny: I…uh…
Manny: …er…
Carla: Maybe if I had smiled more, Daddy wouldn’t have left us!
Manny: Yikes.
Manny: I really have to go.
Manny: Maybe Daddy left because you wouldn’t SHARE things…
Carla: We’d be together right now, you, me, Daddy…
Carla: …and Grandma Hedwig, and Mr. Ruffus…
Manny: That reminds me, I need to call my bookie…
Carla: …and I’d be wearing my homecoming queen crown and eating figs and…
Manny: Yeahhh…Figs…
Manny: And I’d be playing with your metal detector?
Carla: …and…
Carla: …and I’d…
Manny: And?
Manny: Yes?
Carla: …OH MOTHER! Eh-huh-huh-ooh!
Manny: Oh god.
Manny: Maybe you want to be alone now.
Manny: Forget about the metal detector!
Carla: I’m so sorry!
Carla: Waaaaaaaah!
Manny: Now, now.
Manny: Don’t cry.
Manny: Here, let me hold that metal detector for you while you cry…
Carla: Waaaaaaah! Mommy!
Carla: Bwaaaah, haaaaaa!
Manny: That’s interesting.
Manny: You don’t say?
Manny: Hey, Carla. That’s an awfully nice metal detector you have.
Carla: Did you just come back here to ask to borrow my metal detector?
Carla: Are you sure you didn’t just come back here for this metal detector?
Manny: Yes.
Carla: What IS it with you and this thing?
Carla: I’m sick of it, Manny!
Carla: If this is all you want, you can fight the cats for it!
Carla: Why is it all men are after the same thing–
Carla: Except you?!
Carla: The only woman you care about is that Colomar dame, and she split on ya!
Carla: I don’t know what she did to you, but you know what, I’m DONE trying to figure it out pal!
Manny: Carla…
Manny: No way.
Manny: Actually, I did come back here just for your metal detector.
Manny: Sure. I’m here for the company.
Carla: Oh, okay. Now, where was I?
Carla: Oh, yeah–so the only industry in town was FIGS…
Manny: Actually, you were farther than that in your story.
Manny: Um… I heard this part already.
Manny: I think you were just at the part about your metal detector…
Doug: I think that guy was up to something…
Doug: Don’t you, Doug?
Doug: Doug?
Doug: Who, that guy?
Doug: Personally, I think he was NUTS.
Doug: Betting stub, please!
Manny: What?
Doug: I need the betting stub for the race you’re interested in!
Manny: Interested in, how?
Doug: Interested in seeing the photo finish file for, of course!
Manny: Oh…I…I don’t have a betting stub.
Manny: I don’t have a betting stub.
Doug: Oh, okay!
Doug: Bye!
Manny: Here ya go.
Doug: Hey, this looks different than our usual ticket…
Manny: That’s because it’s from last season.
Doug: Alright. Just a second…
Doug: Hmmm-hmm-hmmmm…
Doug: There you are!
Manny: Ah-ha!
Doug: What? Are you a winner?
Manny: Big winner.
Manny: Thanks, pal.
Doug: Glad I could help!
Manny: It’s just a bunch of cats!
Doug: Yeah, but look how fast they’re running!
Manny: Ahhhh.
Manny: Cats again!
Doug: Sorry, sir.
Doug: I’m sure you’ll be a winner next time!
Manny: Hm.
Manny: Where’d that little happy guy get off to?
Manny: Hello?
Doug: Oh, hi!
Manny: Where’d old sourpuss go?
Manny: Anybody there?
Doug: Look, I told ya we don’t have any kitty hats today.
Manny: What?
Doug: Ya have to wait until Tuesday, that’s “Kitty Hat Day.”
Manny: I don’t want a kitty hat!
Doug: Fine with me. What’s your bet then?
Manny: I don’t gamble–it’s a conflict of interest for me.
Doug: Then why did you call me down here?
Manny: To pick up my winnings.
Manny: For the friendly conversation.
Doug: I told ya, we don’t give out the kitty hats ’til Tuesday!
Manny: Here.
Doug: Ah, another Chowchilla Charlie original!
Doug: Thanks. Can’t get enough of these!
Doug: Give me one good reason not to throw you out of here!
Manny: Because I’ll tell Max to fire you.
Doug: Pffff!
Manny: It’s Lola’s last work, a juicy photo of Nick and Olivia kissing.
Manny: That’s no way to treat a photo as juicy as this.
Manny: Looks like a great night for cat races.
Manny: It’s not the opening kind of window.
Manny: (shudder)
Manny: I’m not sure what I hate more…
Manny: Crowds or cats.
Manny: …but I’m definitely not going near either one today.
Manny: These stairs lead outside.
Manny: The stables are down here.
Manny: Wow, somebody really liked this cat.
Manny: They don’t have much use when they’re alive, and stuffed they don’t have much more.
Manny: This regal and majestic feline was a record-holder for speed, and a favorite of the crowds here in Rubacava for many years…
Manny: …until her career was suddenly and tragically cut short on the second week of the racing season…
Manny: …when the airship Olivia 1, on its maiden voyage, crashed onto the track mid-race, and exploded.
Manny: Many bereaved fans testified later that, before the blimp hit, Sanspoof…
Manny: …was in the lead.”
Manny: This door leads to one of the cat stables.
Manny: This one’s open. And I don’t see any cats in there.
Manny: That’s the way back to the stairs.
Manny: Fuchi!
Manny: That smell!… es peor que la muerte!
Manny: Well, that’s the hole I saw Carla’s metal detector fall through…
Manny: Oh no…
Manny: This cat litter really needs changing.
Manny: See, this is why I don’t have a pet.
Manny: Heh heh heh…
Manny: Ha ha ha.
Manny: HA HA HA HA!
Manny: Tempting as it is, I just can’t bring myself to jump in the giant, unclean kitty litter.
Manny: I’m NOT going in there.
Manny: There was only one metal detector in there, I’m sure of it.
Manny: Ah-ha!
Manny: A little stinky, but it could be worse.
Manny: Nah, they have people with giant spatulas who clean these out, I don’t need to.
Manny: I think it controls the catwalk.
Manny: Wet food’s for winners!
Manny: I could open it with my teeth, but I’m not that hungry.
Manny: Mmmm. Smells good, but I’d rather eat my own arm.
Manny: It’s already open.
Manny: Great. Now it smells like a giant cat litterbox AND some sort of gelatinous, demon mystery-meat product in here!
Manny: It says, “Revolutionary Design Leaves Can-Edges Safe and Smooth for Kitty!”
Manny: The can opener wouldn’t work there.
Manny: That’s the hallway.
Sea bees: HELL, NO! WE WON’T WORK!
Terry: SEA BEES!
Sea bees: SEA BEES!
Sea bees: FREE BEES!
Sea bees: WE’RE STRONG!
Terry: WE FIGHT!
Sea bees: WE FIGHT!
Sea bees: ALL RIGHT!
Manny: SEA BEES!
Manny: WE FIGHT!
Manny: ME, ME, ME-ME-ME!
Terry: MANNY!
Terry: Do it in time, alright?
Manny: Sorry.
Terry: Okay, from the top…
Sea bee 1: (grunt)
Sea bee 2: (grunt)
Sea bee 1: (grumble, grumble, grumble)
Sea bee 2: (grumble, grumble, grumble)
Sea bee 1: (grumble, grumble, grumble)
Sea bee 2: (grumble, grumble, grumble)
Sea bee 1: (grumble, grumble, grumble)
Sea bee 2: (grumble, grumble, grumble)
Manny: They look busy working up a plan to free Terry.
Manny: Hmmm… These bees don’t seem too busy…
Manny: Ah, mean anything to you?
Terry: Ah, the Rusty Anchor–yeah we used to swarm that bar every night!
Terry: ‘Til the union shut ’em down, didn’t like us all congregating like that or something…
Terry: Now if you want to have a drink in this town, you gotta have a black turtleneck and like bad poetry…
Terry: …or have a silk cummerbund and a taste for gold-flake liqueur!
Terry: No offense.
Manny: So what are you guys doing to free Terry?
Manny: Hmmm. Guess it’s up to me.
Manny: I think these are the words you’re looking for.
Manny: It’s so sad to see them suffering without their leader.
Manny: Busy bees.
Manny: Come on, don’t you guys want to have a “Free Terry” rally?
Manny: Hey, why don’t you guys lend me some tools so I can help out?
Manny: Hmmm… not a good sign for Rubacava’s organized labor movement.
Manny: Hello? Terry?
Manny: Authentic Sea Bee equipment!
Manny: Those are some pretty big tools…
Manny: I’ll just have Glottis come pick them up on our way out of town.
Manny: I don’t think anybody’s gonna be using them for quite a while.
Manny: Nothing scarier than a bunch of angry bees.
Manny: Cold one, huh Terry?
Terry: Yeah. It’s always cold when you’re unemployed, Manny.
Manny: What’s the buzz, boyz?
Terry: It’s bad down here, Manny. It’s like…
Terry: It’s like we want to control the means of-of…
Terry: like, uh, …things and stuff, you know?
Terry: I mean you know what’s wrong, Manny?
Terry: We workers have to do everything that they tell us, and…
Terry: …and, we just don’t want to!
Terry: It’s like the big union guys, and us, and they…they don’t…uh…
Terry: We don’t ever get…uh…
Terry: Y’know? We’re just…we’re sick of it!
Terry: Ahhhhhh, what’s the point?
Terry: I just can’t see how the worker bee will ever get what’s…what he’s got comin’ to’m.
Manny: Who’s unemployed? Aren’t you guys in the union?
Terry: The Union?
Terry: Ha, they don’t look after us little guys!
Terry: They’re run by the coppers, and you of all people should know, Manny…
Terry: That the cops are in bed with the gambling joints.
Manny: Hey, I run an honest joint. We ain’t in bed with nobody.
Terry: What about the protection money?
Manny: We pay every week on the nose, through the nose, like an honest place should!
Terry: See what I mean?
Terry: This town is just a big conga line of hustlers…
Terry: …all laughing and dancing and scratching each other’s backs!
Manny: Why aren’t you guys up there working?
Terry: You don’t know the deal down here on the docks, do ya, Manny?
Terry: If you want to get the jobs, you have to pay the union’s “extra dues,” and that ain’t cheap.
Terry: We don’t pay, and so they put us on barrel duty.
Manny: Why don’t you just pay the union off, then?
Terry: We got our pride, Manny!
Terry: We’re straight stingers, you know?
Terry: Not to mention that we just don’t have any cash to spare, now that we’re not working.
Terry: I mean, it’s like a problem where-uh… uh… the solution… makes the problem… uh… worse.
Manny: Like a catch-22?
Terry: Yeah. Wow, I wish I knew words like that!
Manny: If the union is crooked, why don’t you register a complaint?
Terry: Ha ha ha!
Terry: Ha! That’s a good one, Manny!
Manny: You bees are being exploited! You should do something about it!
Terry: Ah, what can we do?
Terry: We’re just a handful of unorganized drones!
Terry: We don’t know nothing about nothing except just how to take it on the chin.
Manny: I think you’re just a bunch of complainers.
Terry: You don’t know what it’s like, Man!
Terry: Every day we come down here, we try an’ make an honest living…
Terry: We find out that you gotta be a crooked bee to win down here!
Terry: It knocks the pollen off of you, Manny–Makes you weak.
Manny: Since you’re not using your tools, think I could borrow them?
Terry: Well we sold ’em to feed our families.
Manny: Then how are you ever going to work?
Terry: I…I TOLD ya things were messed up down here, Manny, I…I told ya.
Manny: If the cops own the union, and gambling’s in bed with the cops…
Terry: …Yeah, yeah and then who really runs the gambling right?
Terry: Well, no offense, but Maximino is really the big boy in town, obviously.
Terry: But word is, he gets his orders from some hardcore gangsters in El Marrow.
Terry: That fancy cat track is really just a big laundromat, if you get my drift.
Manny: Hey, can I borrow one of your union cards?
Terry: What are you kiddin’?
Terry: You know how much I had to pay Chowchilla Charlie to get mine?
Manny: You guys know a Seaman Naranja?
Terry: See Bees and sailors don’t mix.
Manny: But you’re in the same union…
Terry: Well maybe so, but some traditions are sacred there, Manny.
Manny: I can’t tolerate all this injustice. I’m leaving.
Manny: You bees gotta be strong!
Terry: Things just aren’t the way they should be down here, Manny.
Terry: It’s like the worker bees they do all work, but we can’t affect the-uh…
Terry: …the…uh…
Terry: Ah…it’s like the way things are produced should be controlled by…
Terry: I mean, we should…
Terry: Ahhhh! Forget it!
Terry: I’m just a dumb, hungry, out-of-work bee.
Terry: Easy for you to say, Topsider.
Manny: I’m a union man, now.
Manny: I’m not using my union card for anything but getting on that boat!
Manny: That’s the high-rollin’ elevator to the High Rollers’ Lounge.
Raoul: Oh, sorry monsieur, but this is the elevator to the High Rollers’ Lounge.
Manny: That’s where I’m going.
Raoul: It is members only.
Manny: You must be new.
Raoul: And you must have a V.I.P. pass to come upstairs.
Raoul: Adieu.
Raoul: You again?
Manny: I was just about to say the same thing.
Raoul: Sorry, monsieur, but you can not come upstairs without a pass!
Raoul: I’m sorry, Monsieur but–
Manny: Here’s my pass, Jean-Claude, now shut those doors and drive.
Raoul: Oui, Monsieur…
Raoul: (…but actually, my name is Raoul.)
Manny: I want to tell you a sad story of a young man, unjustly imprisoned, merely for speaking his mind…
Manny: Look what I found at the photo finish booth…
Manny: Looks like “Naughty Kitten” and “Bad Tom Cat” are neck-and-neck…
Virago: What do you want?
Manny: I’ll let you know when I think of it.
Manny: Better stick around.
Glottis: Go, kitty!
Glottis: Puss-puss-puss puss-puss-puss!!
Glottis: Yeah!
Glottis: That’s a good cat!
Glottis: Get that mouse!
Glottis: Run!
Glottis: You can do it!
Glottis: Pitty-pat! Pitty-pat! Pitty-pat! Pitty-pat! Pitty-pat!
Glottis: Go, go, go!
Glottis: Come on!
Glottis: You got it!
Glottis: Meow, baby!
Glottis: What’s that?
Glottis: Oh, for crying out loud!
Glottis: Get up, you stupid cat!
Glottis: Paws in the air, let’s go!
Glottis: This is it!
Glottis: You’re doing it!!
Glottis: Punch it, Putty!
Glottis: Almost there!
Glottis: Come on, baby needs a new pair of glass packs!
Glottis: Open it up on the straightaways, kitty!
Glottis: That’s the sugar Poppa likes!
Glottis: Hey, Pierre!
Glottis: Hey, Rosencranz!
Glottis: Yo, Frenchie!
Glottis: Roberto!
Glottis: Eh, Jean-Louise!
Glottis: Maitredeeeee!
Glottis: Pepe!
Glottis: Ay, Garcon!
Glottis: Matruh Dee!
Glottis: Oh, Fifi!
Glottis: Yooo-hoooo, fontainbleu!
Glottis: Rufus! Ooo-ay-voo?
Glottis: Rosasharn!
Glottis: Ayyyyyyy, Flaubert!
Glottis: Eh, monsieur, a little wiiiiine up here, please!
Glottis: Eh, don’t make me come down there for it, Rumplestiltskin!
Manny: Oh, if I had only known…
Manny: Fun’s over, Lucky!
Manny: It’s time for you and me to ship out.
Glottis: Go away, whoever you are!
Glottis: I feel a streak coming on!
Manny: Come on, Glottis, we’re going. NOW.
Manny: I had no idea you liked gambling so much, Glottis.
Glottis: Well, the doctors made me promise I wouldn’t do it any more!
Manny: Coming home soon?
Glottis: Shhh! I’m visualizing!
Manny: Glottis, I’ve got something very interesting here…
Glottis: What did you say, little kitty?
Glottis: Don’t talk kitty-cat! Just run, baby!
Manny: Who needs a giant, 24-karat gold cat?
Manny: Ah, who needs a cat, period?
Manny: I think they’d notice me walking out of here with that.
Manny: Good kitty.
Manny: Race results.
Manny: I don’t have the remote, and I don’t think they get any other channels anyway.
Manny: Boy, that Nick sure gets around.
Manny: Looks like Nick’s catching up on a little paperwork.
Manny: Hey, Sugar Lips!
Virago: What do you want from me, Calavera!
Manny: Hmmmmm….
Manny: Can’t think of anything yet.
Virago: Rrrr.
Manny: That reminds me, I still haven’t done my taxes.
Manny: It looks like boring tax stuff that I don’t need.
Manny: It’s Virago’s cigarette case.
Manny: Man, this is gonna get me in trouble.
Manny: There’s something rattling inside…
Manny: It must be in a hidden compartment somewhere, but I don’t see a latch or anything.
Manny: Rrrr!
Manny: I can’t open the part that I think has the key in it!
Manny: I don’t think that would get me the key.
Manny: I don’t think it would be a good idea to barge into Max’s office while he’s meeting with Nick.
Manny: Okay, so this lawyer, his mother, and a chicken are all on this lifeboat, see…
Manny: They’re getting hungry, and the chicken says…
Virago: I have a gun, Manuel.
Manny: Got a little lipstick on ya, Loverboy.
Virago: I already got rid of that, and I can do the same to you, Calavera…
Virago: …so if I were you I’d keep my jaw shut.
Manny: Nick Virago! What are you doing working in the High Roller Lounge?
Manny: I would think Maximino’s private lawyer would have his own office.
Virago: I do, but they don’t serve drinks there.
Manny: How’s tricks, Nick?
Virago: Mmm.
Manny: Nick, I need a lawyer.
Virago: You get yourself in some kind of trouble, Calavera?
Virago: What’s the problem now?
Manny: Friend of mine is in the slammer.
Virago: Hmmm…
Manny: No, we just need someone for the dunking booth over at the club.
Virago: Funny guy.
Manny: Someone’s claiming my roulette tables are fixed.
Virago: But your roulette tables ARE fixed.
Manny: Exactly. That’s why I need a lawyer.
Manny: I’m starting a class action suit. Lots of money involved…
Virago: Who are you deep-pocketing?
Manny: What’s the difference to you? They’re loaded.
Virago: Hmmm. Compelling.
Manny: Actually, I’m trying to adopt Glottis.
Virago: Manny, that demon is over two thousand years older than you.
Manny: Not up here he ain’t.
Manny: He needs guidance.
Virago: I see.
Virago: I’ll ask you again…
Virago: So…will you be needing a regular lawyer, or an EXCELLENT lawyer?
Virago: Will you be needing a regular lawyer, or an EXCELLENT lawyer?
Manny: Any mouthpiece will do.
Virago: Then may I suggest you try the yellow pages?
Manny: An excellent lawyer.
Virago: Any excellent lawyer… or the BEST excellent lawyer?
Manny: What does it matter, as long as they’re excellent?
Virago: It matters if the guy you’re up against has got the BEST.
Manny: Then I guess I’ll need the best.
Manny: The very best is good enough for me.
Virago: And who would you say that would be, Calavera?
Virago: Who would you say is the BEST lawyer you know, in all the Land of the Dead?
Manny: You are, Nick.
Virago: That’s right, and that’s why Maximino retains me on an EXCLUSIVE basis.
Virago: So, sorry, but I don’t do… “odd jobs.”
Manny: Well, the BEST lawyer would have to be a DEAD lawyer.
Virago: Well, that narrows it down to just about everybody here in the Land of the Dead.
Virago: Come back when you know more about what you want.
Virago: And, by the way, Manny…
Virago: Lawyer jokes… not funny.
Manny: I don’t have time for games, Virago.
Virago: Neither do I, so come back when you’re ready to be serious.
Manny: On second thought, I don’t really need one.
Virago: Everybody needs one, eventually.
Virago: Let me know when you do!
Manny: Virago, I REALLY need a lawyer.
Virago: Well, my dance card is full, so what are you gonna do?
Virago: What is it this time, Calavera?
Manny: I’ll ask Max if I can borrow you.
Virago: He doesn’t like sharing his counsel any more than he likes sharing his girlfriend, so don’t bother.
Manny: I could pay you more than him.
Virago: Manny, look around you.
Virago: Maximino could buy your club and use it as a litterbox.
Manny: I could force you to do it with this gun!
Virago: If anybody had guns in this town but us…
Virago: …we’d know.
Manny: I could tell Max about you and Olivia.
Virago: That sort of claim could send a man like Max into quite a rage.
Virago: Especially if the messenger had no proof.
Manny: Max and I are friends. He’ll believe me.
Virago: People believe what they want to believe, Calavera…
Virago: …and I want to believe you’re a smart man who doesn’t go around spreading dangerous rumors.
Virago: I’ve got to go talk to Max for a moment.
Virago: When I get back, I hope you’re gone, because I’m sick of looking at you.
Manny: I could find another lawyer.
Virago: Excellent idea.
Manny: Everything all legal with the kitties?
Virago: Yes, they keep themselves pretty clean.
Manny: Who do you like in the fourth race?
Virago: Well, there’s a white-footed tabby in gate two that’s looking strong but has a slight eye infection…
Manny: But you think he’s gonna pull out of it and win anyway, right?
Virago: No, that pus-eyed puss is going to lose!
Virago: But nobody knows–and I’m going to make a mint!
Manny: I have to tell this to someone: I hate cats.
Virago: Me too, but they keep the lights on around here.
Manny: Nice talking with you, Nick.
Virago: Been a slice.
Virago: Actually, let me guess…
Virago: You just want a lawyer for the status, am I right?
Virago: Which is the same reason Max wants one, but you see…
Virago: He can afford it.
Virago: Good day, Calavera.
Glottis: Well, SOMEBODY’S sleeping on the job!
Glottis: Ah! It’s empty!
Glottis: Ruben! Where are you?
Glottis: Ah-ha!
Raoul: Oh, mon dieu!
Glottis: Taking a little NAP-ay-vous, eh?
Glottis: Well, LE keg is LE empty, so toot sweet, Buster!
Raoul: Yes monsieur, merci, anything you say!
Raoul: Aitor! MORE WINE!
Raoul: I’m going to fire him for ignoring my pleas, and then I believe I shall quit.
Raoul: I can never look at that pantry again…
Raoul: No man should ever be locked up in such a small, dark place.
Manny: Ooof.
Manny: Ah!
Manny: Uh!
Manny: Looks like cans of some sort of… canned meat.
Manny: Oh, I really hope this isn’t where the old race cats end up.
Manny: Looks like more of that cat meat, or whatever that is.
Manny: I wanted some wine.
Raoul: Oh, look what a mess you have made!
Raoul: Get out of here!
Manny: Hey, what about my vino?
Raoul: I’m busy just keeping that monster’s glass full!
Raoul: It’s not self-serve!
Raoul: You’ll just have to wait until I get around to it!
Raoul: I told you to stay out of here!
Manny: I wouldn’t have to come in here if the service were a little faster.
Raoul: Hmf!
Raoul: Aitor?
Raoul: Would you please change the casks again?
Raoul: That horrible DEMON–
Raoul: –No offense, of course–
Raoul: Has emptied another one.
Raoul: Pardon me.
Raoul: Excusez moi!
Raoul: Ah!
Raoul: Pardon!
Raoul: Je suis dÈsolÈ.
Raoul: Je vous prie de m’excuser.
Raoul: Je suis navrÈ.
Raoul: Je vous prie de m’excuser monsieur.
Raoul: Quel maladroit je fais!
Raoul: Je vous prÈsente mes excuses.
Raoul: Je suis confus.
Raoul: DÈsolÈ.
Raoul: DÈsolÈ monsieur.
Raoul: Ah, mille excuses.
Raoul: That monster upstairs is running me ragged!
Raoul: Oh, but monsieur! Je suis trËs dÈsolÈ…
Raoul: There are no guests allowed in the kitchen!
Raoul: I must ask you to leave.
Manny: In a minute, LeRois.
Raoul: Raoul.
Raoul: Out of the kitchen please.
Raoul: It is very bad that you are in here.
Raoul: You are not supposed to be back here.
Raoul: Please don’t be back here.
Raoul: S’il vous plait, monsieur!
Raoul: You! Out please!
Raoul: Oh, monsieur.
Raoul: Merci.
Raoul: When I come back and find you here, you had better be gone!
Raoul: Oooh! PLEASE don’t do that.
Raoul: I do not like the tiny places, monsieur, no-no-no not one little bit.
Raoul: I have no time for games of this nature…
Raoul: If I don’t get these drinks, the customers will storm the kitchen looking for their orders.
Raoul: Allo?
Raoul: Alloooo out there!
Raoul: Could somebody please open the door?
Raoul: Heh, heh… I… uh… heh, heh!
Raoul: I seem to have, uh, locked myself in this teeny tiny room!
Raoul: I am actually veeeery claustrophobic so, if somebody, uh…
Raoul: …s’il vous plait…
Raoul: SIL VOUS PLAIT!!! Oh!
Raoul: Oh! Zut!
Glottis: Hey, I’m thirsty, where’s that waiter?
Glottis: That does it!
Glottis: (Gulp, gulp gulp!)
Glottis: Hmmm… fruity, but voluminous.
Manny: Hmmm… I don’t hear Rupert in there anymore…
Manny: It’s full of waiter.
Manny: Looks like the pantry.
Manny: Nah, if I let that waiter out now, he’d have me eight-balled from the club!
Manny: That ought to keep the food from getting away.
Manny: It’s a turkey baster full of dirty hookah water.
Manny: Looks like a turkey baster.
Manny: I don’t want to squirt out all the hookah water here.
Manny: I don’t need any cat meat.
Manny: That is one big ol’ cask of wine!
Manny: That is one big ol’ cask of nothin!
Manny: I think I could fit in there.
Manny: This cask is sealed on the top, too.
Manny: There’s no opening up here.
Manny: I’d better not open it when it’s full.
Manny: That could spill a lot of juice…
Manny: Well, if I could crawl in through that spout, I could hide in there.
Manny: I got a hunch the wine comes out here.
Manny: Nothing.
Aitor: Zzzzz…
Aitor: …zzzzz…
Aitor: Zzzzck!
Aitor: zzzzoooo…
Manny: That must be the elevator to the vault.
Manny: It’s the button for the elevator.
Manny: Now that guy REALLY needs his beauty rest.
Aitor: HEY!
Aitor: I’m trying to get some sleep over here!
Manny: Sorry. Don’t mind me–just passing through.
Aitor: To where?
Manny: The elevator.
Aitor: Doubt it.
Manny: Going down?
Aitor: Probably.
Aitor: Later.
Manny: Can’t I go down to the cellar?
Aitor: It’s a wine cellar.
Aitor: Wine goes down there.
Manny: Maybe you could take me down now?
Aitor: Oh, yeah, I could take you down…
Aitor: But I can’t hit customers anymore.
Manny: Down in the ELEVATOR. I want to go down in the elevator.
Aitor: That’s true… they wouldn’t see me hit you in there…
Aitor: But I’d still get in trouble.
Manny: Why can’t you hit customers anymore?
Aitor: Exactly! It makes no sense!
Manny: Just open the elevator door.
Aitor: Then they’d really see us fighting!
Manny: I don’t want to fight. I just want to use the elevator.
Aitor: Chicken.
Manny: Look, I just need a ride, alright.
Aitor: I’m not a driver.
Aitor: I am an elemental spirit of the land, man, created with one purpose, one skill, one desire.
Manny: Stopping me from using this elevator?
Aitor: No, but that sounds good too.
Aitor: I think I’ll do that from now on.
Manny: How about a bribe?
Aitor: Look at me.
Aitor: What could you give to the guy who has everything?
Manny: Sorry about my friend. I’ll get him out of here if you want.
Aitor: Who? Glottis?
Aitor: He’s alright, he’s just got to pace himself.
Aitor: I can barely get any sleep between changing casks for him!
Manny: Hey, let’s beat up that waiter.
Aitor: Not a bad idea, but… he’s new.
Aitor: Give him a break.
Manny: Okay, nighty-night.
Aitor: (grunt)
Manny: Ug, never want to go near another one of those.
Manny: I bet that thing’s really easy to control if you’re a big demon.
Manny: Maybe if I had a forklift. Another one, I mean.
Manny: It’s the blade-control lever.
Manny: It’s holding the elevator in place with its blades.
Manny: It’s under too much pressure to budge.
Manny: Just one button on the controls…
Manny: Hmmm. No effect.
Manny: It’s not moving.
Manny: Must be stuck.
Manny: I can’t squeeze through that crack.
Manny: I can’t get through this door!
Manny: The kitchen’s out there.
Manny: I see a hallway.
Manny: We’re stuck between floors.
Manny: There’s the wine cellar.
Manny: Hey, that looked like a hallway going by…
Manny: I wonder what Charlie’s got in here.
Manny: I get the feeling this suitcase belongs to someone more important than Chowchilla Charlie.
Manny: Ooof, heavy.
Manny: °Dios mÌo!
Manny: It’s full of Double-N tickets!
Manny: This could get a hundred souls on the Number Nine train!
Manny: Something’s not right about this…
Manny: I’m dying to know how much Charlie’s got in here!
Manny: Hello, Maximino.
Maximino: Why, if it ain’t Manny Calavera!
Maximino: Come to see how the big boys play, eh Manny?
Manny: From what I can tell, they play with kitties.
Maximino: Kitties, roulette tables, what’s the difference?
Maximino: They go round and round all day, and they’re both more reliable when they’re fixed, am I right?
Manny: Very impressive trophy collection.
Maximino: Paws of fire, every one of my babies!
Manny: More trophies…
Manny: If I know Max, these will all be wired to an alarm…
Maximino: You know me better than I thought!
Manny: You know, I’m getting the feeling Max ain’t much of a “dog guy.”
Manny: Maximino, King of Kittens.
Manny: That’s the door back to the lounge.
Manny: I don’t want to interrupt his cat-watching.
Manny: Look, you gotta cut Glottis off. He has a problem.
Maximino: As long as he’s got credit, then he’s got no problem.
Manny: Credit? How did Glottis get credit?
Maximino: He’s part owner of your club, ain’t he?
Manny: Half-owner, actually.
Maximino: Well, he put the joint up as collateral, so as long as you’re in business…
Maximino: He’s in business!
Manny: How’s the old cat race, Max?
Maximino: Well, volume’s pretty low, most everybody’s out of town…
Manny: Tell me about it.
Maximino: But I’ve got some side businesses that help smooth over the rough spots.
Manny: What kind of side businesses?
Maximino: Uh-ha-ha-ha, Manny…
Maximino: Let’s just say our El Marrow associates appreciate our… out-of-town perspective.
Manny: You know, you got a pretty nice setup here.
Maximino: You got a good little club yourself, Manny.
Maximino: Not as nice as my girlfriend’s, of course.
Manny: Did you say, your girlfriend?
Maximino: Hey, Manny. Don’t pretend you don’t hear the gossip…
Maximino: It’s not a secret anymore–Olivia and I are officially an item.
Manny: I just saw Olivia and Nick kissing.
Maximino: Manny, we all kiss here!
Maximino: We’re all one big family, you know?
Manny: No, I mean KISSING Max.
Maximino: Manny, Olivia and I are in love.
Maximino: Nick Virago has been my trusted counsel for years.
Maximino: You shouldn’t even joke around about their character like that, it could make me very angry.
Manny: I’m not joking.
Maximino: That’s enough Calavera! I mean it!
Maximino: Now… (ahem) let’s talk about something we can agree about.
Manny: I’m here for Charlie’s money.
Maximino: Ha ha ha!
Manny: Ha ha ha!
Maximino: HA HA HA!
Manny: HA HA HA!
Manny: No, seriously. He says you have a lot of it.
Maximino: Oh, I got a lot of it, but none of it’s his.
Maximino: HA HA HA!
Manny: Ha ha. Hooo.
Manny: I’m leaving town tonight.
Maximino: That’s great, Manuel!
Maximino: No one needs a vacation more than you!
Maximino: Get out of town, forget about that Meche woman!
Manny: I like the new blimp.
Maximino: Yeah, I decided not to let what happened with the Olivia 1 get me down.
Maximino: Imagine, you try to impress your girlfriend by building her a beautiful airship, and what happens?
Maximino: It goes and crashes, explodes and burns on your own track–and kills her favorite cat, too!
Maximino: Not the kind of thing that makes the young girls’ hearts go a-flutter, I’ll tell you that twice!
Manny: Your new waiter’s got quite an attitude.
Manny: Even for a snooty-waiter-type.
Maximino: Eh, Manny, when you put labels like that on people…
Maximino: It’s like you stick people in these little boxes, and never let them out.
Manny: We’re ALL in little boxes back home, Max–Six feet under.
Maximino: Now you’re talking like the town coroner, Manny!
Maximino: Cut it out!
Manny: Well, I’ll let you get back to staring out the window…
Maximino: Just can’t get enough of my cats!
Manny: Hey, Terry, that was a beautiful speech out there!
Terry: Yeah maybe so, but it landed me in here!
Manny: Don’t worry. I’ll get you the best lawyer in town!
Terry: Okay, Manny, but quick, before the movement loses its buzz!
Manny: How you holding up, hero?
Terry: Manny!
Terry: You gotta get me out of here!
Terry: I’m a victim of society!
Manny: I’m working on it.
Manny: “REWARD offered for cargo stolen from shipyard receiving area…
Manny: …including a large suitcase bearing the initials H.L.”
Manny: I think I can remember that.
Manny: What a horrible jail cell.
Manny: Then again, it sure taught Glottis a lesson that time.
Manny: Only Police Chief Bogen knows how to get in there.
Manny: Poor Terry. This is all my fault.
Lola: (…Manny…)
Lola: (…Maaaaanny…)
Lola: (…Manny, help me…)
Manny: Oh, Lola…
Manny: Just give me a sign, Lola, if you forgive me!
Manny: There’s a picture of a tongue on it, and it says, “#22 — Lengua”
Manny: It’s unlocked.
Manny: This gate only leads up to the Lambada dock, and the Lambada’s gone.
Manny: I’ve got the lumps to prove it.
Manny: That goes to the upper dock, but nothing’s docked there now.
Manny: It’s locked, but there’s nothing up there anyway.
Manny: Hmmm… this key doesn’t seem to go with that lock.
Manny: What a trooper!
Manny: Looks like Domino left his calling card.
Meche: But how? I saw him torn to shreds!
Manny: He must have done this on his last trip through town.
Manny: You really should get back in case it blows.
Meche: I’m with you guys ’til the end–you know that.
Manny: That’s the folding bridge that connects this pier to the base of the cat track.
Manny: Or, at least, it used to.
Manny: Maintenance has gotten pretty lax around here, apparently.
Manny: That whole room could go any second!
Manny: That’s where Velasco lets us store the Bone Wagon.
Manny: I’ve tried. Only Glottis can get these doors open.Manny: Hello crew!
Manny: Hmmm… They know I hate it when they ignore me…
Manny: All hands on deck!
Manny: Everybody up here right now!
Manny: This is a code red situation!
Manny: This is not a drill!
Manny: Be on the look-out for assassins disguised as customs agents!
Manny: Hello?
Manny: Is anybody there?
Manny: Hey, Glottis was right, these do look better chromed.
Manny: Tied nice and strong…
Manny: We almost lost her at the last port, but it looks like they learned their lesson…
Manny: …no matter how heavy deck furniture looks, always use the proper cleats.
Manny: I think I’ll leave them tied until I find out what’s going on.
Manny: Ensign!
Manny: Oh, no!
Manny: My crew!
Manny: Oh, no! Where’s Glottis?!
Manny: Ensign Arnold was just a kid!
Manny: I’m not going to disrupt the evidence.
Manny: I’m sorry I lead you into trouble, sailor.
Manny: Deck Officer Glen!
Manny: This can’t be happening!
Manny: Glottis, cover your ears!
Glottis: What was that?
Manny: The dotted line, buddy.
Manny: They’re locked together like plastic monkeys from a barrel!
Manny: Nice chrome job by Glottis, but it’s really just an old rusty anchor…
Manny: It says, “Inspected by No. 36”.
Manny: Looks like the anchor’s down.
Manny: It would probably be easier to raise it with the motor.
Manny: Well, there you go.
Manny: If I mess with these anchors anymore, we might go down with the ship.
Manny: I don’t want to mess with my delicate creation, here…
Manny: That’s the starboard anchor control.
Manny: That’s the port anchor control.
Manny: Glottis! What do these read-outs mean?
Glottis: That we’re gonna blow up, Captain!
Glottis: And it’s gonna hurt!
Manny: That’s the throttle for the port-side engine.
Manny: That’s the throttle for the starboard-side engine.
Manny: HÌjole, Glottis sure did a number on that old diesel!
Manny: If it were just a little more powerful, we could probably tear on out of here.
Glottis: I tried! Oh, I tried.
Glottis: But I failed! It’s not powerful enough!
Manny: Hey! Maintain, sailor!
Manny: I think the best way to use this engine would be the controls over there…
Manny: As opposed to the “hands-on” method.
Manny: It’s hard to totally panic when you’re wearing that little sailor suit.
Glottis: NO IT’S NOT!
Manny: Glottis!
Manny: Do something!
Glottis: Okay!
Glottis: Grrkpt!
Glottis: Ggg!
Glottis: Hkkkk!
Glottis: Manny!
Glottis: Choking!
Manny: Mira! Snap out of it, sailor!
Glottis: Easy for you to say, you don’t have lungs!
Manny: Hey, you lived without your heart once, so you can live without air for a little while…
Manny: …just until I figure out what we’re gonna do…
Chepito: This little light of mine,
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine.
Chepito: This little light of mine,
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine.
Chepito: This little light of mine,
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!
Chepito: Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
Chepito: Hide it under some seaweed, NO!
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: Hide it under some seaweed, NO!
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: Hide it under some seaweed, NO!
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
Chepito: I’m not gonna let you touch it, NO! I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: I’m not gonna let you touch it, NO!
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: Not gonna let you touch it, NO! I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
Chepito: Scare away sea monsters, yeah!
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine!
Chepito: Scare away sea monsters, yeah! I’m gonna let it shine…
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine!
Chepito: Scare away sea monsters, yeah!
Chepito: I’m gonna let it shine!
Chepito: Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
Glottis: Scare away sea monsters, yeah!
Glottis: I’m gonna let it shine!
Glottis: Scare away sea monsters, yeah!
Glottis: I’m gonna let it shine!
Glottis: Scare away sea monsters, yeah!
Glottis: I’m gonna let it shine!
Glottis: Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine… Wee-ah-ha!
Glottis: Ggg!
Glottis: Here comes one now!
Glottis: Okay, that might not have been a sea monster, but it was pretty spooky.
Manny: Hey, I’m sorry!
Chepito: Ha!
Manny: Oh, one more thing!
Manny: Amigo!
Manny: Hey! I’m talking to you!
Chepito: Hey! Lay off!
Chepito: Grrrr…Ahh!
Chepito: Aaaaaah!
Chepito: LeggoleggoLEGGO!
Chepito: Get your own lamp, pal!
Chepito: People have been trying to steal my lamp all day!
Chepito: What ever happened to the code of the sea?
Glottis: BEWARE, brave Captain!
Glottis: Here in the darkest depths of the Sea of Lament dwell the most horrible monsters of all…
Glottis: The fearsome, murky demons of the deep will swallow you whole the instant you leave this pool of light.
Glottis: Heed my warning, or take one step forward and learn for yourself…
Manny: All right, all right, I believe you!
Manny: Just quit it with the creepy spirit-of-the-land voice, huh?
Manny: That light is just the sort of thing we need…
Manny: HÌjole. He looks like he’s been down here a LOOONG time.
Manny: Oh Lola, looks like I let you down again.
Manny: Oh, I think her days of use are over.
Glottis: I told you that name was bad luck.
Manny: Hey.
Glottis: Sorry.
Manny: Not blue yet.
Manny: You alright?
Glottis: I’m a spirit of the land, Manny…
Glottis: …not of the sea!
Manny: Hang in there, Mano.
Chepito: Hlllg!
Glottis: What am I supposed to do with this?
Manny: Follow me.
Chepito: Where are you taking me?!?
Manny: According to our map, I think that’s…
Manny: The Pearl.
Manny: I’d definitely go over there first chance I get, but there’s a lot of dark water between here and there.
Chepito: Huh? Who?
Chepito: Ah, geez, another shipwreck!
Chepito: You see?
Chepito: THAT’S why I never travel by boat!
Chepito: Eh?
Chepito: What? More survivors?
Chepito: I just passed another shipwreck not five minutes ago!
Manny: We’ve had a little accident. Think you could help us out?
Chepito: Depends on what kind of help you’re looking for…
Manny: Could we borrow that light for a second?
Chepito: Sorry! I’m kind of attached to it!
Chepito: Wah-ha-ha!
Manny: Could we tag along with you?
Chepito: Well, it’s a long walk you’re talkin’ about…
Manny: We don’t have any other choice.
Chepito: Oh, all right then, lift those knees, stick close to my light, and try to sing in key!
Manny: I thought that looked like our ship!
Chepito: That’s just a trick the ocean plays on your mind, kid.
Chepito: Makes everything look the same after a while, like you was going in circles.
Manny: Well, this isn’t the kind of progress I was hoping for.
Chepito: Ah, well, the wet march of the soul ain’t for everybody!
Manny: Could you take us to The Pearl?
Chepito: Ha! You don’t believe those old stories, do ya?
Chepito: You think somewhere in this ocean there’s a gigantic pearl that shines so brightly it can be seen from passing ships?
Chepito: And that sometimes sailors, so allured by its luster, actually fling themselves overboard to dive for it…
Chepito: …and are never heard from again?
Manny: Yeah, and I think it’s right over–
Chepito: Baaaaah!
Chepito: I’ve been walking this ocean for years, I ain’t never seen it!
Manny: No, really. The pearl is right over there!
Chepito: You poor sucker, that’s the MOON!
Chepito: Tell me you didn’t come all this way out here to pearl-dive the moon? Uh-huh-huh-huuuh!
Manny: Could you send for help?
Chepito: Oh, sure!
Chepito: I promise to call for help at the next phone booth I walk by.
Manny: What are you doing down here?
Chepito: Trying to get out of the Land of the Dead, same as everybody else!
Manny: Why are you walking instead of taking a ship?
Chepito: Got sick of waiting around Rubacava for a boat!
Chepito: Figured I’d make better time this way.
Manny: Why didn’t I think of that?
Manny: How do you know where you’re going?
Chepito: See the moon over there?
Chepito: I just keep it on my right, that way I know I’m headed in a straight line!
Chepito: Oldest trick in the book!
Manny: Is everything okay with your eyebrows?
Chepito: Them is barnacles, genius!
Chepito: I don’t move fast enough to shake ’em, so they tend to pile up.
Chepito: I don’t mind though–they’re the only company I got!
Chepito: Hee hee, ain’t ya boys?
Manny: How long have you been down here?
Chepito: Well, let me put it to you this way–
Chepito: I wasn’t always this color!
Manny: Shouldn’t you have hit dry land by now?
Chepito: I’m trying to cross a big ocean here, Sonny, what do you know about it?
Manny: I’ve already done it, in a BOAT.
Chepito: A boat! Don’t talk to me about boats!
Manny: What’s the problem with boats?
Glottis: We had such a nice boat…
Chepito: Why is everybody always talking about boats?
Chepito: You got a perfectly good pair of legs, why not use ’em I say?
Manny: Let me guess. You died in a boat wreck?
Chepito: A boat wreck would have been better than what happened to us!
Chepito: Led off-course by bad equipment, lost for weeks, no food, no shelter from the sun…
Chepito: We’d started throwing the dead overboard, but then the sharks began following the boat…
Manny: What happened in the end?
Chepito: Wh-what happened in what end?
Manny: When you were stranded at sea!
Chepito: Oh, did I tell you about that?
Chepito: I thought that was some other guy that just looked like you.
Chepito: What happened was I learned three valuable lessons:
Chepito: Stay away from boats,
Chepito: When it comes to navigation, trust only the moon and the stars,
Chepito: …and when there’s only two of you left, never ever go to sleep.
Manny: How have you kept that light going all these years?
Chepito: Well, I found this coral, this glow-in-the dark coral…
Chepito: Damndest thing…
Chepito: Glows like a lightning bug and never seems to wear out.
Manny: I had some of that once, made a nice grappling hook.
Chepito: I don’t think you had what I got, ‘cuz I don’t think you’ve been to the place I got it!
Manny: Where’d you get the coral?
Chepito: Edge of the world, boy!
Chepito: That’s the only place it grows!
Manny: Well, I don’t want to break your stride, there…
Chepito: Okay, see you around!
Manny: Watch out for sea monsters!
Chepito: Who, these guys?
Chepito: Ah, they don’t mess with ol’ Chepito!
Chepito: I’m too bright for ’em! Heh, heh, heh, hooo-heh!
Chepito: Ha-ha!
Manny: Uuuuh!
Manny: Watch those hands, clams.
Manny: I’m not going down there while that monster’s looking right at me!
Manny: I think we’ve found our transportation.
Manny: I can’t get anywhere near the sub while that monster’s guarding it!
Manny: That octopus is tracking us…
Manny: I had no idea their eyesight was so good!
Manny: There’s no talking to octopuses.
Manny: So there really IS a pearl, but does that mean Meche really jumped overboard here?
Manny: It all just seems so… fishy.
Glottis: Heh heh. Good one, Captain.
Manny: I’ve got more important things on my mind than jewel thievery.
Chepito: Not me!
Manny: Still not blue. Does he have secret gills somewhere?
Manny: Glottis, go down there and talk demon-talk to that octopus.
Glottis: Heck no! I’m scared. I’m staying up here with you!
Chepito: Brk-brk-brk, BRAAAAAAAK!
Manny: Man, we just can’t shake this guy!
Manny: I don’t think he’d go for that again.
Manny: Hey, Chepito, go for a swim, will ya?
Manny: You’re drawing too much attention to us!
Chepito: Too bad!
Chepito: I’m sticking to you like the barnacles on my eyebrows, so don’t even THINK of sneaking off with my Pearl!
Manny: I’ll bet that light is what’s attracting the octopus!
Chepito: Hey! Hands off!
Chepito: Nothing inside Chepito’s “personal bubble” but Chepito!
Manny: Not quite as famous as “The Pearl” is “The Slimy, Barnacle-Covered, Old Rock…” of legend.
Manny: When I get that desperate for food, maybe.
Manny: I don’t want to get tangled up in those!
Manny: I can’t get out of here! There’s no ladder!
Glottis: Manny?
Manny: Don’t ask, Carnal, ‘cuz I don’t know!
Manny: Nothing but dark waters that direction.
Manny: Getting a little blue around the edges…
Manny: See any hint of that octopus swimming around here?
Glottis: No, but…
Glottis: …I can smell him.
Manny: There are some more lights off this way.
Manny: This pathway seems to follow the base of the island.
Manny: Glottis, I’m going to sneak inside and look for Meche.
Glottis: What if that octopus comes back while you’re gone?
Manny: Poke him in the eye and steal his sub!
Glottis: Heh.
Glottis: Stupid octopus.
Manny: I wonder if I should wipe my feet before I go in.
Chepito: …rikn, frikn…
Chepito: …chp, crt!
Chepito: …grk…
Chepito: …grrrr…
Chepito: …raaaah…
Chepito: …hold… still!
Chepito: …why I oughta…
Chepito: …oooh, to the moon, he says…
Chepito: …I’ll show him…
Chepito: …stupid chisel!
Chepito: …hmmm, hmmm…
Chepito: …hm-hmmmmm…
Chepito: …hm-hm-hmmm…
Chepito: …lie-dee-di-di…
Chepito: …oh, Virginia…
Chepito: …ba-dum, da, dum…
Chepito: …da da, da da…
Chepito: (whistle)
Chepito: (whistle)
Chepito: (whistle)
Chepito: (whistle)
Chepito: (whistle)
Chepito: Ahhhh…sweeeet Mary…
Chepito: …oh, rusty anchor…
Chepito: …gonna see Miss Liza…
Chepito: …gonna to Mississippi…
Chepito: …just me and Li’l Chipper…
Chepito: …la dee, da dee, da da…
Chepito: …ooooh-dee, da da da…
Manny: Yo, Pito!
Manny: Have you ever seen an authentic “Li’l Chipper?”
Chepito: A Li’l Chipper? No, I haven’t…
Chepito: But I’d sure love to give it a test-drive!
Chepito: Say, Li’l Chipper…
Chepito: You’re okay!
Manny: Hey, Chepi!
Manny: Check out the hosiery!
Chepito: Say, these are real silk!
Chepito: Where’d you find them?
Manny: I’ve been wearing them the whole time!
Chepito: You too?
Chepito: Well, then…
Chepito: Here’s your new best friend!
Chepito: Wanna trade something for ’em?
Manny: Don’t suppose you’re packing any firepower in there?
Chepito: Are you kidding?
Chepito: I got everything!
Chepito: Hey, I’ll trade you something for ’em.
Manny: Well…
Manny: Those will keep me warm, you got anything that will do that?
Chepito: How about a nice semi-automatic?
Manny: Deal.
Manny: Is it loaded?
Chepito: No.
Chepito: Hey! Bullets are hard to get!
Manny: Ah, my first sproutella gun!
Manny: Bang. You’re dead.
Manny: It’s really not much use without bullets.
Manny: It’s a “Bust-All!”
Manny: I don’t want to Bust-All that.
Manny: I’ll bet all these miners were brought here by that octopus…
Manny: Well, at least it didn’t eat them.
Manny: Man, if I had only gotten that book back from Terry, I could REALLY start some trouble here.
Manny: They seem to be plenty happy with the tools they have.
Manny: I think I should only deal with the head trader.
Manny: Those poor people have been through enough.
Manny: They covet my Bust-All but they cannot have it!
Manny: It’s that glow-in-the-dark coral, like Dom had in his office!
Manny: I’d need a pickaxe.
Manny: The coral looks too hard for that.
Manny: That would take forever!
Manny: That little hammer seems more his speed.
Manny: Chepito seems a little overpowered by his choice of tools.
Manny: That was Glottis’ job.
Chepito: Git that away from me–I got my own tools, thank ya!
Chepito: I’m not taking that back–I thought I’d NEVER unload that lemon!
Manny: No way, I don’t want to remind him that I took it!
Manny: Looks like some sort of conveyor belt down that way.
Manny: That path leads back to where we landed.
Manny: Chepito!
Chepito: Ahh!
Chepito: Quit yellin!
Chepito: Eh? Who?
Chepito: Oh, YOU is it?
Chepito: Why I oughta!
Chepito: Look at my eyebrows!
Chepito: What?
Manny: Well, you really weren’t standing in a very safe place…
Chepito: Well, neither are you right now, “Amigo.”
Manny: Relax. We’re bustin’ out of here soon.
Chepito: We?
Chepito: “We” are done travelin’ together.
Chepito: I work solo, my friend, and I walk…
Chepito: …alone.
Manny: Nice drill.
Chepito: Drill?
Chepito: This here is a cordless, high-speed, reciprocating CHISEL!
Chepito: And look…
Chepito: It’s a “Bust-All!”
Chepito: They usually don’t give these to the new guys.
Manny: How’d you get a Bust-All?
Chepito: I’m connected, plugged-in…
Chepito: And I had some booty to trade.
Chepito: TRADE’S the name of the game out here in the big reef.
Manny: Booty? Where’d you get booty?
Chepito: It’s all over the ocean floor–jewelry, precious coins…
Chepito: You people and your fancy BOATS never know about it…
Chepito: …’cuz you just never stop and look.
Manny: Give me some booty and I’ll buy our way out of here.
Chepito: I traded it all for this beauty!
Manny: You traded jewelry and precious coins for a power tool?
Chepito: IT’S A BUST-ALL!
Manny: I want to trade something.
Chepito: Well, you came to the right place, sonny.
Chepito: Whatcha be needin’?
Manny: A drink.
Chepito: Ha! We’re swimming in the biggest drink there is!
Chepito: Drinks aren’t a hot commodity down here, sorry.
Manny: A gun.
Chepito: Oooh, that’s gonna cost some…
Chepito: What you got on ya?
Manny: My scythe.
Chepito: You’d be willing to part with that?
Manny: Uh, no.
Manny: My turtleneck.
Chepito: Oh yeah, that is nice.
Chepito: Acrylic?
Manny: No, it’s all natural.
Chepito: Ooh, too bad. Natural fibers are so uncomfortable underwater.
Manny: I know, I know…
Manny: I think it’s some form of blue-green algae.
Chepito: Ah, don’t worry, ya get used to it.
Chepito: You get used to it!
Chepito: When you got something worth trading, come see ol’ Chepito!
Chepito: He’ll do you right!
Manny: A hug.
Chepito: Hmmm… Nope!
Chepito: That’s the one thing I ain’t got for ya!
Manny: A boat.
Chepito: You know I don’t like ’em, why do ya have to needle me?
Manny: A towel.
Chepito: Hey, you funny guy, chalk-head!
Manny: My friend Glottis to be alive.
Chepito: What? What happened?
Manny: He went over the edge.
Chepito: Ah, stay away from the edge I tell ya–it’s dangerous!
Chepito: I’ve seen whole ships go over in my time…
Chepito: Their engine’s in full-reverse, trying to drop anchor, but the current…
Chepito: …ya can’t fight her, so stay back!
Manny: How about a pair of nice silk stockings?
Chepito: Ahh, now there’s a high-ticket item!
Chepito: I MIGHT be able to get ya some, but I gotta tell ya…
Chepito: …you couldn’t afford it!
Manny: Just give me some time to think about it some more.
Chepito: Time! Heh. That’s the one thing I can give you fer free! Ha, ha, heh, hee!
Chepito: Heh, heh!
Manny: Ah, I can’t think of anything else!
Chepito: Think small, like a knife or dirty books…
Manny: You got that stuff?
Chepito: Well, no, but practically EVERYTHING else.
Manny: That tool looks a little over-powered for you.
Chepito: Overpowered?!
Chepito: Nothing overpowers Chepito!
Manny: If you say so.
Manny: Well, you don’t want that big octopus to see you chatting.
Chepito: Oh, brother! That’s right!
Chepito: Well, I got a long day of reef-wreckin’ ahead of me so…
Manny: Please, bust away!
Manny: Hmmm. This door’s locked.
Manny: The new airlock keeps out water, but not pesky skeletons.
Manny: The walkway continues on this way.
Meche: Help!
Meche: Is there anybody out there?
Meche: Manny?
Meche: Bibi?
Meche: Pugsy?
Meche: Anybody?
Meche: It’s me! Meche!
Meche: I’m in here!
Meche: Hey!
Meche: I’m getting angry!
Meche: Domino! You’d better let me out of here!
Meche: I’m warning you, Domino!
Meche: This isn’t funny!
Meche: I promise I won’t pull guns on anyone, anymore!
Meche: Let me out!
Meche: I think I’m running out of air!
Meche: Open this door!
Meche: Manny, where are you?
Meche: I’m sorry I didn’t trust you!
Manny: All right, Meche!
Manny: You can come out now!
Manny: Meche?
Manny: Must be a combination lock, but there are no numbers on it.
Manny: Poor Dom never was good with numbers.
Manny: (grunt)
Manny: My blade’s jamming the tumblers, so I can’t move the wheel.
Manny: I don’t want to mess up the wheel, the wheel is my friend!
Manny: This should open it.
Manny: What?
Manny: Oh, and I had them so nicely lined up and everything.
Manny: I guess I didn’t enter the right combination.
Manny: If I Bust-All the handle, then I’m never going to get in there.
Manny: Oooh, I bet I could pick that…
Manny: …if only I hadn’t lost my union card in that poker game!
Manny: Ah, my blade’s too thick.
Manny: This hammer is tiny, but not tiny enough to get in there.
Manny: Ahh!
Manny: Must have hit a major circuit!
Manny: Hmmm… but it looks like I’ve exposed the guts here…
Manny: That’s why I never travel without that thing.
Manny: The tumblers are all lined up, flush with the door jam.
Manny: Those are the tumblers of the combination lock.
Manny: Those tumblers must be made of a harder steel than the outer door.
Manny: I can’t move those by hand, I need this wheel.
Manny: I couldn’t get them out, they’re on some sort of heavy shaft.
Manny: Stay!
Manny: Ooh, I hate that sound!
Manny: That’s the way back to the airlock.
Manny: Musty.
Manny: This is Meche’s office door.
Manny: Don’t know what’s down here…
Meche: Sir, do you have an appointment?
Manny: I’m going in there to tell Domino my demands.
Meche: I don’t think you fully understand the chain of command around here…
Meche: Pugsy and Bibi work for you…
Meche: You and I work for Domino, who works for Hector LeMans, crime boss of El Marrow.
Manny: Well, I think it’s time for a little corporate restructuring.
Meche: Oh, look, It’s my Prince Charming!
Meche: Are you back here just to insult me some more, or do you just want some ice for your head?
Manny: You know, a little clear nail polish would fix these right up…
Manny: I would never wear these!
Manny: They have a hole in them!
Manny: These are too nice for that.
Manny: Children’s books.
Meche: I like to read to the Angelitos.
Meche: It reminds me of better times.
Manny: Those kids would probably only want to hear Meche read these books anyway.
Manny: I like the new dress.
Meche: Well, it’s the best I could pull together out here.
Meche: Do you have any idea how hard it is to get decent fabric and silk stockings…
Meche: …on a deserted factory island on the edge of the world?
Manny: Hmmm…
Manny: No. No, I don’t.
Manny: I don’t think she’s in the mood for that right now.
Manny: That gesture might confuse her.
Manny: It confuses me.
Manny: Threatening as my tiny hammer is…
Manny: …I don’t think she’d count it as a gun.
Manny: Hmmm… second anniversary…
Manny: I can’t remember if that’s “cotton” or “china,” but it’s definitely not “hardware.”
Manny: I think I’d try couples’ counseling first.
Manny: That’s how this whole mess got started in the first place!
Manny: Man, that ashtray is so fancy you could eat caviar out of it!
Meche: Once you got used to the sooty aftertaste, you’d feel like a king!
Manny: I only steal ashtrays from bars.
Meche: Careful! This thing’s worth more than either of us.
Meche: Ahh! Ow!
Meche: Oh, my stockings! They’re ruined!
Meche: And this was my best pair…
Meche: You try to just have one nice thing on this cruel island…
Manny: Good enough for me.
Meche: What is?
Manny: Oh, uh… the…um…
Manny: …the speed at which you’re working.
Meche: That’s nice, Manny, but you’re not my boss, so really I couldn’t care less.
Manny: Good. Excellent. Carry on.
Meche: Our type of business doesn’t produce a lot of paperwork.
Manny: That’s the door to the hallway.
Manny: That’s the door to Domino’s new office.
Manny: I wonder where this door goes?
Manny: Hey, about that gun…
Meche: Ready to hand over your heater?
Manny: I would if I had one.
Meche: Right.
Manny: I found a vessel!
Meche: How? Did you pull an inner tube out of the big crane wheels?
Manny: No, Glottis landed on a big ship when he went over the edge.
Meche: Glottis is alive?
Manny: Yeah, he–
Manny: Inner tube?
Manny: Why didn’t I think of that!?
Manny: Come on, we’re getting out of here.
Meche: Trying to steal my commission from Domino again?
Meche: Manny, don’t you ever give up?
Manny: I’m not after any commission. I just want to get us both out of here.
Meche: Then why don’t you just ask your boss for the day off?
Manny: Can’t believe you think he’s my boss. He’s my arch-enemy!
Meche: I think he’s your boss, you think he’s my boyfriend…
Meche: …we don’t seem to have a good foundation of trust in our relationship, do we?
Manny: I’m sorry I implied he was your boyfriend. I do trust you.
Meche: Well, I’m not sure I trust you about that.
Meche: But I’ll tell you one thing that would convince me.
Manny: Name it.
Meche: Give me your gun.
Manny: They didn’t issue me a gun!
Meche: What, are you on probation?
Meche: I’m not buying this, Manuel.
Meche: You know, you’re right.
Meche: There are those rumors of that revolutionary army that’s been stockpiling weapons.
Manny: Actually, them, I work for.
Meche: Manny, why don’t you come back when you’re willing to deal straight with me, okay?
Manny: What? What makes you think I have a gun?
Meche: You work for the most heavily-armed organization in the Land of the Dead.
Meche: Don’t try to tell me they didn’t issue you a gun.
Manny: No, I won’t.
Meche: I didn’t think so.
Manny: Sure. Here it is.
Manny: Okay, look, the problem is I just don’t have one.
Meche: Oh, PLEASE, Manuel!
Manny: I think we need to talk.
Meche: Start talking. You’re the salesman.
Manny: I have a lot of explaining to do.
Meche: Save your breath…
Meche: Domino’s explained it all to me already.
Manny: You have a lot of explaining to do.
Meche: Wh– ME?
Meche: About what?
Manny: You still have some explaining to do.
Meche: Again with that?
Manny: Why did you take me out with that champagne bottle?
Meche: I told you–to stop you from falling into Domino’s trap.
Meche: If you had made it on that ship then you would have ended up…
Manny: Here?
Meche: Yes.
Manny: Why are you working for Domino?
Meche: I do what he asks only to protect the children.
Manny: Why are those children locked up in a cage?
Meche: With the wings those Angelitos have, they’re the only things on this island Domino can’t control.
Manny: Hey, if they can fly, let’s set the kids free to go get help!
Meche: They can’t fly THAT far, Manny.
Meche: But they can fly circles around Domino, and they can bite pretty hard…
Meche: Hee hee…
Manny: So why did you run out of my office?
Meche: I felt so embarrassed, and you looked so disappointed in me, I couldn’t stand it any more.
Manny: Then what were you doing that whole year I was in Rubacava?
Meche: I was lost.
Manny: What did you–
Meche: I don’t want to talk about that year, please.
Manny: Has Domino hurt you in any way?
Meche: Not as much as I’ve hurt him.
Meche: Boy, can that guy take a punch!
Manny: Okay, I’ll lay off the questions.
Meche: Great, now if we could just get you to lay off the cologne.
Manny: Hey, I’m a sailor now. We have to wear this stuff.
Manny: I’m gonna go see about getting us a boat.
Meche: Ooh, remember to get a fast one so we can water-ski, all right?
Manny: Well, I have to go check on the boat.
Meche: Say hello to Glottis for me.
Manny: Listen, Meche…
Meche: Manny, talking isn’t helping right now, okay?
Domino: Please put that–
Domino: …that…
Domino: Ha ha ha!
Domino: Okay, you can take out the tiny hammer if you want.
Domino: Please put that away.
Domino: That too.
Domino: Thank you.
Manny: He seems completely unaware of how close I am to escape!
Manny: No, I’d don’t think I could take his laughter a second time.
Manny: Nah. His calves are way too boxy.
Manny: I’ve got nothing to say to him.
Manny: Domino.
Manny: DOMINO!
Domino: Taking your first coffee break already Calavera?
Manny: We got a score to settle, ese.
Domino: (sigh) You know, if I ever spoke to my boss Hector that way…
Domino: Hey, sport. How’s the uh, escape going?
Manny: What did you do with her?
Domino: I thought she needed a little, uh, “time out,” that’s all.
Manny: All right. It’s time to let Meche out of the safe.
Domino: Oh, I usually have to leave her in there overnight for her to REALLY calm down.
Manny: You think you can break her will just by locking her up overnight?
Domino: No, but the lack of fresh oxygen slows her down just enough so I can open the door…
Domino: …free of fear.
Manny: You killed my best friend.
Domino: The demon?
Domino: (sigh) Manny, you can use a demon as a driver, let him carry your messages, let him serve you food…
Domino: …but you can’t ever start thinking of them as friends, it’s just not natural.
Manny: What are you doing out here on the edge of the world?
Domino: Oh, I know. I ask myself that every day.
Domino: But I’m going to train you, Manny, to take my place here, running this two-bit light bulb factory!
Manny: How can you keep little children in a cage?
Domino: Trust me, it’s easier than keeping BIG kids in a cage.
Manny: Why don’t you just sprout me like you tried to at Puerto Zapato?
Domino: That wasn’t me, that was Hector.
Domino: He’s so unimaginative, just wants to tie up the loose ends, you know?
Domino: But I believe, however, that you can be rehabilitated through honest work!
Manny: What makes you think I’m going to work for you?
Domino: Well, there’s not much to do on this island if you don’t work, take it from me!
Domino: And think about it–once I’m gone, it will just be you and Meche alone on this deserted island…
Domino: Don’t tell me that prospect doesn’t appeal to you.
Manny: I don’t plan to be on this island for very long.
Domino: Manny, I have all the guns, I have all the transportation…
Domino: …and I have all the brains.
Domino: What are you gonna do?
Manny: You and Hector set up a secret hideout to make light bulbs?
Domino: Oh, no, that’s just a side benefit.
Domino: The real purpose is to have a place we can lock up all these old clients of mine.
Domino: Can’t have good people wandering loose in the Land of the Dead…
Domino: …telling everybody how we stole their Double-N tickets, now can we?
Manny: You stole all these people’s tickets?
Domino: Okay, how much of this haven’t you figured out, Calavera?
Domino: Copal would route all the good clients to me after he switched over their tickets to a secret holding fund…
Domino: I’d cover up the paper trail, and we’d make sure that the pigeon “jumped overboard” heh heh, at the Pearl.
Manny: I knew it! You WERE getting all the good clients!
Domino: I handled them all, except for Mercedes, who you hijacked from me in that ridiculous hot-rod…
Domino: Which I saw, by the way, last time I was in Rubacava.
Domino: I tell you Manny, hot rods like that just don’t look safe to me…
Manny: So, it wasn’t my fault Meche didn’t get a ticket–you stole it!
Domino: Well, it’s your fault she ended up in the forest, instead of here right away…
Domino: But I fixed that.
Manny: I’m taking Meche out of this dungeon.
Domino: Manny, before I found her, she spent a year out there in the Petrified Forest alone because of you…
Domino: By comparison, I’d say I’m keeping her pretty comfortable here in my, uh, “dungeon,” wouldn’t you say?
Manny: One ticket for you, one for Hector, how many more do you need?
Domino: Oh, Manny, we never touch the product ourselves!
Domino: We sell the ticket to unfortunate souls…
Domino: …unable to lead moral lives because of the crippling amount of cash they were born into.
Manny: But you could just take the tickets and leave today!
Domino: We’ve found a way to make the Land of the Dead LIVABLE, why would we want to leave?
Manny: Nice island you got here.
Domino: Yeah the previous owners didn’t know what they had here–let us pick it up for a song.
Domino: They scooped out all the coral they could reach with their crane, and then abandoned the plant!
Domino: But we knew we had what it would take to go the extra distance to the big reef.
Manny: Are you about to lecture me about the winning attitude again?
Domino: No!
Domino: Slave labor, Manny!
Domino: That’s the real ticket to success!
Manny: Well, I gotta get back to trying to escape.
Domino: Ha ha ha. Hey, you do that kid.
Pugsy: Oh yeah, well you’re stupid.
Bibi: Your light bulbs don’t work.
Pugsy: Your light bulbs all smell like boogers.
Bibi: Ha-ha, nobody thinks you’re funny anymore.
Pugsy: Oh yeah, well everybody in this cage is smarter than you.
Bibi: Everybody except for you.
Pugsy: Yeah, ‘cuz I’m ESPECIALLY smarter than you.
Bibi: In your dreams.
Pugsy: In your baby bed that’s all wet ‘cuz you wet in it.
Bibi: SHUT UP!
Pugsy: Bed wetter!
Pugsy: No, no really, I have to sleep with an umbrella down here!
Bibi: Oh yeah, well at least I never asked Meche to marry me.
Pugsy: What?
Bibi: “Miss Colomar, you’re sooooo pretty… Will you marry me?”
Pugsy: I never said that!
Bibi: “Oooooooh, Miss Coooolooomaaaarr…”
Pugsy: Stupid Bibi blue-beanie bed-wetter!
Bibi: Pugsy the Bugsy, lies like a rugsy.
Bibi: Boo hoo hoo…
Bibi: …hoo hoo hoo…
Bibi: *sniff* *sniff*
Bibi: …waaa-haaa-haaa…
Bibi: …waaaa-hoo-hoo…
Bibi: …boo-hoo…
Pugsy: Boo hoo hoo…
Pugsy: …hoo hoo hoo…
Pugsy: *sniff*
Pugsy: …waaa-haaa-haaa…
Pugsy: …waaaa-hoo-hoo…
Pugsy: …boo-hoo…
Manny: This is the tiniest little hammer I’ve ever seen!
Manny: I could make a tiny, little birdhouse if I had some tiny, little nails and wood!
Manny: I like my old desk better.
Manny: No drawers.
Manny: This is sad.
Manny: Really, really sad.
Manny: I like to pick them up and give them a big HUG!
Manny: …but I’m scared to reach in there.
Manny: Too easy.
Manny: Hey, kiddles!
Manny: Check out my BONE SAW!
Manny: Here, take my hammer–
Pugsy: Ah-ah-ah–tap tap, no backs!
Manny: I’m sorry, kids, but these stockings are all that’s left of our poor Meche.
Pugsy: What?
Manny: Hey! I was just kiddin’!
Bibi: *sniff* Wasn’t funny.
Manny: That’s the door to the cage.
Pugsy: Duh.
Manny: Fly! Be free! Go bite Domino!
Pugsy: Leave us alone.
Bibi: If we get out again, he’ll hurt Meche!
Manny: Last chance.
Pugsy: Poopy pants!
Bibi: Hee hee.
Pugsy: Heh, heh-heh.
Bibi: Ah ha ha!
Pugsy: HA HA HA!
Manny: Fine then, stay in there.
Bibi: He IS mean.
Manny: That’s a little bit of overkill, considering it’s not locked.
Manny: Hola, angelitos!
Pugsy: I’ll bite you, I swear to God.
Bibi: Please don’t bite anyone else, Pugsy.
Bibi: That’s why they put us in the cage in the first place!
Pugsy: Hello Mr. Mean Boss Guy.
Manny: How are my brave little soldiers?
Bibi: Are you here to rescue us?
Manny: I’m working on it.
Manny: New plan. Meche’s locked up for good. We’re leaving without her.
Bibi: We can’t leave without Meche!
Pugsy: We can’t leave without Meche!
Manny: Hey! No fighting, no biting!
Bibi: He started it.
Pugsy: She started it.
Bibi: Did not.
Pugsy: Did not.
Bibi: Did too.
Pugsy: Did too.
Manny: Don’t make me come in there!
Manny: Hey, would one of you children happen to have a gun?
Pugsy: Yeah, we do.
Pugsy: So stick ’em up!
Manny: Let me see it.
Bibi: (He doesn’t have one. He’s such a liar.)
Manny: Hey, hey. Don’t cry children….
Manny: Please…
Manny: …stop crying…
Manny: Why am I so bad at this?
Manny: Why do you want to bite me?
Pugsy: You’re the mean new boss.
Bibi: Mr. Hurley said you were meaner than him!
Pugsy: He said you had a BONE SAW.
Manny: My name is Manny Calavera. What’s yours?
Pugsy: Mr. Hurley told us about you.
Pugsy: You’re the one who tricked Meche.
Bibi: Poor Meche…
Manny: I didn’t trick anybody.
Pugsy: Mr. Hurley said he was supposed to take care of Meche, but you stole her case from him.
Bibi: Is that true?
Manny: Let me see if I can explain this whole thing to you.
Manny: You see, I had this job, selling travel packages to immigrant souls…
Manny: If I sold enough of them, I got to leave the Land of the Dead.
Manny: Now, I was in a slump, and I needed a really fat commission, so–
Bibi: You’re a bad man!
Pugsy: Go away bad man!
Bibi: Yeah, go away!
Manny: Meche is my friend. You can ask her.
Pugsy: She talked about you before.
Bibi: Every time she says your name, she looks so sad.
Pugsy: I don’t know what you did to her, but you’re gonna be sorry!
Manny: What are you two doing in this cage?
Bibi: Making light bulbs.
Pugsy: Look, we’re working as hard as we can!
Pugsy: Why don’t you leave us alone?
Manny: Listen, children. I’m here to help.
Bibi: There’s really not much more room in here…
Pugsy: Your hands are too big to make light bulbs!
Manny: I’m here to help you get out of this cage.
Pugsy: You can’t do that!
Pugsy: We have to stay here and take care of Meche!
Bibi: She’d be so sad here all alone.
Bibi: Sometimes we hear her crying, you know.
Manny: My hands are not too big to make light bulbs.
Pugsy: Then why DON’T you help?
Manny: You know, I really do want to help.
Manny: On second thought, maybe I don’t.
Pugsy: Then why don’t you?
Manny: My butt’s too big to sit on one of those little perches.
Bibi: Ahhhhm! I’m going to tell Meche you said that word to us.
Pugsy: I told you he was bad.
Manny: I just don’t have any of those little, tiny tools, that’s all.
Pugsy: Here, take my hammer.
Pugsy: HA HA HA!
Pugsy: AH-HA HA HA!
Bibi: Hee hee.
Bibi: Tee hee hee!
Pugsy: Heh heh heh!
Bibi: Hee.
Manny: I’m in the maritime union. We can’t do factory work.
Bibi: I don’t know what those words mean.
Pugsy: It means he doesn’t want to help us because he’s MEAN.
Manny: Maybe I just don’t want to.
Bibi: We don’t want to either.
Bibi: But we don’t have a choice.
Manny: You’re two bad little children. I’m glad you’re in a cage.
Bibi: Hee-hee, hee-hee…
Pugsy: Ha ha ha, ha…
Manny: VERY bad.
Pugsy: AH-HA-HA-HA-AH!
Manny: I’m the one who’s going to take Meche out of here.
Bibi: What?
Pugsy: You can’t do that!
Bibi: Who’s gonna take care of us?
Bibi: Uh-hoo! We’ll be all alone!
Manny: I’m going to save you too! And Meche, and everybody!
Pugsy: MECHE’S gonna save us.
Bibi: She told us she’s going to take us to the Land of Hummingbirds and Butterflies.
Pugsy: And we’re gonna live in a big tree.
Bibi: And the tree’s going to hold us and feed us and take care of us.
Manny: Well… that’s true, she is.
Manny: But I’m gonna help, okay?
Manny: You bite me, and I’ll sue your parents.
Bibi: Our parents?
Pugsy: Our parents?
Manny: Nice cage you have here.
Pugsy: Mr. Hurley grew demon ravens with human heads in here.
Bibi: He said if we ever tried to get away, he’d send the ravens after us.
Pugsy: …and let them make nests out of our bones.
Manny: Okay, back to work!
Pugsy: So mean…
Manny: You children just wait here and be brave little angelitos, okay?
Bibi: Okay.
Manny: Ah, ground.
Manny: This old conveyor belt looks like it’s about to fall apart.
Manny: How convenient!
Manny: AIR!
Manny: This path goes back to where we landed.
Manny: The conveyor belt continues off in this direction.
Manny: The safety fence is down–one more step and I’d be following Glottis into Limbo.
Manny: Oh, Glottis…
Manny: Oh, Mr. Bust-All, you really shouldn’t have done that!
Manny: If only my scotch had that big a belt.
Manny: “CAUTION…
Manny: Do Not Approach Edge…
Manny: …strong current.”
Manny: Oh, sure, NOW I find an actual rusty anchor…
Manny: Hmmm…
Manny: I wonder what that old anchor is doing out there?
Manny: I don’t know how I’d get down there without this current taking me over the edge.
Manny: ‘WARNING: Do not unlock without first securing mobile conveyor belt against current.’
Manny: That’s the tricky thing about these LOCKS…
Manny: …hard to pick up, when they’re in use.
Manny: I couldn’t take that off with my bare hands…
Manny: If only I hadn’t thrown away that little hand-exerciser Domino got me for secret Santa…
Manny: Hmmmmm…
Manny: Can’t seem to pick it.
Manny: Wouldn’t match.
Manny: My scythe wouldn’t cut that.
Manny: This path leads back to the mining area.
Manny: So, rusty anchor, at last, we meet!
Manny: I would but my coach told me not to squat more than 2000 pounds in the off-season.
Manny: I don’t feel that sort of hostility to the old rusty anchor.
Manny: I don’t think it’s looking for the soft, shimmery look of silk.
Manny: I don’t want to do anything that might jar it loose.
Glottis: Well it hurt a little when I hit, but my head cracked open an aft panel here…
Manny: I gotta tell you, Carnal, I thought you were dead!
Glottis: Oh, Manny, I’ve been having a great time! Listen–
Glottis: I ask you, is there an engine that can resist the love that’s in these hands?
Manny: Apparently not.
Manny: That’s as close to the edge as I wanna be.
Manny: So good to see him again.
Manny: I think this baby’s our ticket out of here.
Glottis: Oh yeah good point!
Glottis: I was just wrenchin’ her for fun, but your idea’s good too!
Manny: Hey, do you need my scythe?
Glottis: No, it’s not really that kind of job. But thanks.
Manny: Hey, need a hammer?
Glottis: Ha ha ha!
Glottis: Maybe after dinner, if I have something stuck between my teeth!
Manny: Hey, Glottis!
Manny: Check out my swell gat!
Glottis: Wow. Is it loaded?
Manny: Uh…no.
Glottis: Hm.
Manny: Hey! Need one of these?
Glottis: Ah, that would have been easier to get her open with than my head!
Glottis: But it’s too late now.
Glottis: Hey, who’s up there?
Manny: That’s not going to be as easy to climb UP.
Manny: Hey, these wheels don’t have inner tubes!
Manny: Meche!
Manny: °Es enorme!
Manny: Oooh, I would, but my back…
Manny: That’s the control room for the crane.
Manny: Brrrr.
Manny: I can see why they don’t give these chisels to the new guys.
Glottis: Oh yeah, this will do juuuuust fine.
Glottis: Just give me a sec to do some figurin’.
Manny: You bet your big, orange butt that’ll do!
Manny: I can’t believe I killed it!
Manny: Glottis is busy with it right now.
Manny: Maybe if I had some giant, steel hair to curl…
Manny: They are already hurting, they do not need the teachings of the Bust-All.
Manny: He’s figuring.
Manny: I don’t want to bug him.
Manny: This scoop looks heavier than my last ship.
Manny: It’s not a hand-held device.
Manny: The scoop’s learned its lesson.
Manny: It’s the edge of the world, but not the edge I’m looking for.
Manny: I don’t have a long enough lever.
Manny: I could jump, but the odds of me hitting that boat are pretty slim.
Manny: …considering it’s not there anymore.
Manny: Join Glottis? I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.
Manny: There’s more beach down there.
Bibi: …tee hee…
Bibi: …hee hee…
Bibi: …ha ha…
Bibi: …weeeee!
Bibi: Rrrrrroooom!
Bibi: …ha ha ha…
Bibi: …hoo hoo hoo…
Bibi: …hee hee hee…
Bibi: …wwwwweeee-heee
Bibi: …ahh haa…
Bibi: Tag! You’re it!
Bibi: (squeal)
Pugsy: …tee hee…
Pugsy: …hee hee…
Pugsy: …ha ha…
Pugsy: …weeeee!
Pugsy: Rrrrrroooom!
Pugsy: …ha ha ha…
Pugsy: …hoo hoo hoo…
Pugsy: …hee hee hee…
Pugsy: …wwwwweeee-heee
Pugsy: …ahh haa…
Pugsy: Tag! You’re it!
Pugsy: (squeal)
Manny: Okay, you get the kids, and I’ll meet you back here with the boat.
Meche: What boat?
Manny: Well, I’m working on that.
Meche: Okay, Manny.
Meche: I trust you.
Manny: I have to figure a way to launch that ship Glottis found.
Manny: What I need is a giant stork to deliver that big baby right here.
Manny: Where am I going to get a boat?
Manny: (sigh)
Manny: I bet Glottis would know.
Bibi: There he is!
Pugsy: Where’s the boat?
Bibi: Miss Colomar said we’re gonna ride in a boat!
Pugsy: She said you were getting one!
Manny: Well, I–
Meche: Children, be patient.
Meche: Mr. Calavera is a nice man, and he’s trying to find us a boat right now, okay?
Bibi: Okay.
Pugsy: Okay.
Manny: It won’t be that long now, I promise!
Meche: Glottis, I’m so glad to see you!
Glottis: Aww.
Manny: Is the boat all ready?
Glottis: Yeah! Come on…
Glottis: Let’s go eat some reef!
Manny: All we need now is a way of breaking through that reef!
Manny: I can’t believe you got it to float!
Glottis: That was the easy part!
Glottis: The trick’s gonna be bustin’ through that big coral reef out there!
Manny: Bust through a big coral reef, eh?
Manny: It just so happens I got some hardware up the beach you might be interested in…
Manny: Okay, give me a minute or two.
Manny: Nice to see him above-ground again.
Manny: Hey, I’ve raised him plenty today.
Manny: Think of a way to get through that reef, yet?
Glottis: No. Did you?
Manny: No.
Manny: Wow.
Manny: I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in the sun before.
Manny: I don’t need to do that, she’s already agreed to come with me.
Manny: How do you like our boat?
Meche: She’ll be something, once you slam some headers on her, and lower her to the waterline.
Glottis: Are you flirting with me?
Manny: I swear, I’ll get us a boat.
Meche: We know, Manny.
Manny: Man, was THAT ever hard to launch!
Manny: Done it already.
Manny: I can’t board without the others!
Manny: I bet these monsters would do a number on that reef…
Manny: …but how do I get them out of there?
Manny: They must bring the coral over here to be crushed…
Manny: Either that, or these are the biggest, meanest-looking hair curlers I’ve ever seen.
Manny: I don’t have the strength to rip them out.
Manny: Those things are dangerous!
Manny: I’d be ground to bits!
Manny: There’s a beach down there.
Meche: Manny! I knew you would–
Meche: I knew you would–
Meche: Why is that door closed?
Manny: Uh, it was the only way I, uh…
Manny: Eh… the wind?
Meche: Ohhhhhh, ooohhhh…
Manny: Uh-oh.
Manny: Oh, Raoul…
Manny: I’m so, so sorry!
Manny: Gggggrrrrr…
Manny: Ahg!
Manny: Esa cosa is heavy!
Manny: Boy, the Bust-All and I really did a number on that door!
Manny: I think I’ve tortured it enough.
Manny: Some sort of metal contact.
Manny: Looks like I messed up these contacts when I broke through with the Bust-All.
Manny: Mmmmm… no.
Manny: Electrical current makes my marrow tingle.
Manny: I already did that, from the other side.
Manny: Looks like years and years of coral harvest reports…
Manny: This can’t be what this secret safe is meant to hold…
Manny: They’re all locked up…
Manny: These must be very, very sensitive coral harvest reports.
Manny: Hmm. Can’t get in there with this.
Manny: Hah!
Manny: “Bust-All,” my ass!
Manny: Man, people in the old days were HUGE.
Manny: Doesn’t look like he’d enjoy a piggy-back ride.
Manny: Meche?
Manny: Are you in there?
Manny: It’s time to come out, Honey–no time for hide-and-seek.
Manny: That thing is DEFINITELY not my size.
Manny: You want a piece of Calavera, suit?
Manny: I think that would just bring the whole ugly thing crashing down on me.
Manny: This must be the “BIG Chipper.”
Manny: I don’t think it’s going to be as easy to pick from this side.
Manny: This would be a bad time for someone to come along.
Manny: I love secret doors!
Manny: Now all we have to do is wait for the room to fill up and we’ll just float on out of here!
Manny: Well, this is disappointing.
Meche: Not to me. We don’t float, remember?
Meche: Oh, not again!
Meche: Thank you.
Meche: Hey, this is MY room!
Meche: Go use up the air in your own room!
Manny: Thanks for not shooting me.
Meche: Look, I’m sorry…
Meche: I should have trusted you, it’s just that…
Meche: The past two years have been pretty tough, you know.
Manny: What’s in these cases?
Meche: Take a look.
Meche: It’s all the Double-N tickets Hector and Dom have stolen over the years.
Meche: Each one stolen from a good soul, and now they just…
Meche: …sit there.
Manny: That’s it!
Meche: What?
Manny: They just sit there! That’s what’s been bothering me!
Manny: In the days when I was a hot salesman, I used to see Double-N tickets all the time…
Manny: …and they move!
Meche: What do you mean, they move?
Manny: They become agitated around human souls, and the ticket that belongs to you will actually fly into your hand.
Manny: But these tickets, and the tickets in that suitcase of Charlie’s, it’s like they’re…
Manny: …dead.
Manny: After you.
Meche: What about the suitcases?
Manny: Ah, doesn’t matter!
Manny: Forget ’em, they’re counterfeit.
Manny: They wouldn’t fit through this hole anyway!
Manny: Let’s go!
Manny: Why would Hector and Domino be hoarding cases of counterfeit Double-N tickets?
Manny: “WARNING: Fire System, Do Not Touch.”
Manny: She looks wet.
Manny: Doesn’t look like she’s cooled off yet.
Manny: You know, we could die right here, in this safe…
Meche: Nice line, but we’re already dead, remember?
Manny: You look like you could use a nice ocean cruise!
Meche: Still my travel agent, eh?
Manny: That vent is the only way out of here that I can see.
Manny: I couldn’t reach that vent, even if I stood on Meche’s shoulders.
Meche: Wouldn’t it make more sense for me to stand on your shoulders, anyway?
Manny: Are you kidding? Look at your heels!
Manny: I couldn’t even reach it with that.
Manny: That home-plumbing sprinkler system looks like it’s about to fall apart.
Manny: I can’t reach that high.
Manny: Not quite as secret on this side.
Manny: Hoof!
Manny: Hff!
Manny: Raa!
Manny: Grrr!
Manny: Gaaah!
Manny: Baah!
Manny: Hrrr!
Manny: Ooof!
Manny: Fff!
Manny: Agg!
Manny: Ohhh!
Manny: Guuh!
Manny: Arrr!
Manny: Ahhh!
Domino: Hoof!
Domino: Hff!
Domino: Raa!
Domino: Grrr!
Domino: Gaaah!
Domino: Baah!
Domino: Hrrr!
Domino: Ooof!
Domino: Fff!
Domino: Agg!
Domino: Ohhh!
Domino: Guuh!
Domino: Arrr!
Domino: Ahhh!
Manny: Look, Dom, I’m not going to work for you!
Domino: Oh, don’t worry about that–you’re fired!
Domino: Just consider this… your severance.
Manny: I’m sending this Domino back to the bone pile.
Manny: You know, you’re name is Domino, but you’re really just a pawn.
Domino: Please! Save the comic-book one-liners for when you’re winning!
Domino: Oooh, this doesn’t look good for the kid!
Domino: What are you doing away from your desk, anyway?
Domino: Smart strategy–always let your boss win.
Domino: Just like with your selling, Manny, you got a weak attack and no follow-through.
Domino: Hey, I’ll stop anytime you get tired!
Domino: Just, please, stay down this time!
Domino: At least at the Christmas party you passed out before you really got hurt!
Domino: Had enough?
Domino: Oh, please, Manny…
Domino: Stop showing off for the girl!
Manny: That’s the squishiest-looking periscope I’ve ever seen.
Manny: I really prefer to use tongs when picking up octopus eyes.
Manny: Hey, pull over octopus!
Manny: You’re going too fast!
Manny: Domino’s just the kind of guy to practice Oxford-regulation boxing…
Manny: …and then pull out a blade when it comes time to fight.
Manny: I don’t know any wrestling moves.
Manny: I don’t think my bare hands would be a match for that scythe of his.
Gate keeper: Recently…
Gate keeper: …I was visited…
Gate keeper: …by a bird…
Gate keeper: …with a human…
Gate keeper: …head.
Gate keeper: Do you know such a bird… Manuel Calavera?
Manny: No. How do you know my–
Gate keeper: He knew you…
Gate keeper: …and for you, he left this…
Gate keeper: …note.
Manny: I need to go get my friends.
Gate keeper: You need to get your friends…
Gate keeper: …their tickets.
Manny: “I know what you’re up to…
Manny: I’ve been watching.
Manny: Stay there. I’m coming to sprout you myself!
Manny: Yours truly, Hector LeMans.”
Manny: HÌjole.
Manny: I think this is something I should keep to myself.
Manny: I think that would only raise the alarm level here…
Manny: It looks a little ungainly…
Manny: ..but I bet that hat is really warm.
Manny: He’s high enough already.
Manny: I can’t see where this doorway leads.
Gate keeper: It leads…
Gate keeper: …to waiting area two.
Manny: Something won’t let me go in there.
Gate keeper: That is I…
Gate keeper: …the Keeper of the Gate.
Manny: Was it you that made that switch point straight down?
Gate keeper: The living train does…
Gate keeper: …what it does.
Manny: I get the feeling that operating that switch is out of my powers.
Manny: These must go all the way back to El Marrow!
Manny: Well, it’s not that I’m AFRAID or anything, but there’re easier ways into the station…
Manny: …and I’m not WALKING back to El Marrow.
Manny: There’s a train station in there.
Manny: These are the stairs we hiked up.
Manny: What happened to that train???
Gate keeper: Your destiny…
Gate keeper: …cannot be purchased.
Manny: I don’t understand. Why has everyone been detained?
Gate keeper: Given a ticket…
Gate keeper: …a soul may not sell it.
Manny: They didn’t sell their tickets. Someone else is trying to!
Gate keeper: Bring the tickets…
Gate keeper: …that is all.
Manny: The tickets are in El Marrow. How can I get there quickly?
Gate keeper: These rails…
Gate keeper: …are already there.
Manny: My friend is sick. Can you help us?
Gate keeper: A thousand demons…
Gate keeper: …have died upon delivering the souls…
Gate keeper: …upon delivering…
Gate keeper: …they were created…
Gate keeper: ..to protect.
Manny: I have to go. You’re no help.
Gate keeper: The gate opens…
Gate keeper: …the gate closes…
Gate keeper: …it does not help.
Manny: Well, thanks for the help.
Meche: Manny!
Manny: What’s wrong?
Meche: Go up there and see!
Manny: Looks like a gondola station.
Manny: These stairs lead up to the temple gate.
Manny: These are the steps up from the parking lot.
Mechanic 1: …O Gran Demonio Roedor…
Mechanic 2: …O Gran Demonio Roedor…
Glottis: Ooooooh-ohh…
Manny: Glottis!
Mechanic 1: Hear the name of the great one…
Mechanic 1: …Glottis.
Mechanic 2: Glottis.
Manny: What’s happening?!
Mechanic 1: How many days has this grand demon gone without driving?
Manny: Well, we’ve been hiking for months…
Mechanic 1: MONTHS!?!
Mechanic 2: MONTHS!?!
Mechanic 1: Oh, then the noble one will surely die…
Manny: But…
Manny: Gondolas?!
Manny: I knew we should have checked this side of the mountain before we walked up!
Manny: I’d feel too self-conscious carrying that around.
Manny: Hey, how about a gondola ride, gremlins?
Mechanic 1: He’s too big!
Mechanic 2: The gondola is too slow!
Manny: I’m sure someone around here is paid to clean these.
Manny: I’m no gondola-gunker-upper.
Manny: How did I not notice this was happening to Glottis?
Manny: I don’t think they’d let me touch him.
Manny: I can’t reap demons, but even if I could, he’s not ready for that yet!
Manny: Here, blot his forehead with this!
Mechanic 1: He needs to fly…
Mechanic 2: …not to be dry!
Manny: Sor-ry.
Manny: Glottis, wake up and look at this!
Glottis: Oooh, that stinks!
Manny: Here, carnal, get a whiff of this…
Glottis: (sniff, sniff)
Glottis: Ooh, that’s nice…
Glottis: Make sure tuh–lay some of those on my grave, will ya Manny?
Manny: I think that’s what Glottis would look like, if he hadn’t drunk his milk growing up.
Manny: No time for juggling.
Manny: Hey, I have the perfect fuel right here!
Mechanic 1: Shhhhh!
Mechanic 2: We are listening to his breathing for clues!
Manny: Look, his life depends on this fuel!
Mechanic 1: Please! We are mechanics!
Mechanic 2: We know what we seek…
Mechanic 1: …and it’s not the foul-smelling, crusty mug you offer!
Mechanic 1: Spare us your mortal medicine!
Mechanic 1: Ah, the favorite perfume!
Mechanic 2: But not enough to raise him from his gloom!
Manny: How eerie! They have the same tool cabinets as Glottis!
Manny: How eerie! They lock up their tools, just like Glottis!
Manny: Maybe I’ll do some dusting… later.
Manny: I think if I made a mess those little guys would get irritable.
Manny: Well, it’s good to know they recycle oil out here at the end of the world.
Manny: Not paid to move those.
Manny: Hey, can’t we use this oil somehow?
Mechanic 1: The fuel we seek needs to pack a terrible punch!
Mechanic 2: Much like the great Glottis himself!
Manny: My joints don’t need any oiling right now.
Manny: This better not stain my pocket.
Manny: It’s an oily rag that I made all by myself.
Manny: (sniiiiiiff)
Manny: I’ll oil stuff later, once Glottis is okay.
Manny: I wonder if she blames me?
Manny: Meche, we have to get back to El Marrow for the tickets!
Meche: Oh, Glottis…
Meche: He doesn’t need that right now.
Meche: He’d probably love to smell that.
Manny: It looks like blueprints for a… rocket sled.
Manny: They’re brilliant.
Manny: Hey, can I see those for a second?
Mechanic 1: Please.
Mechanic 2: This is mechanic’s work.
Manny: It’s a tiny kitchen.
Manny: This is where the gondolas and I come and go.
Manny: Glottis!
Manny: What fuel?!
Manny: Glottis! I’m sorry…
Glottis: Maaaannny…
Manny: Why didn’t you tell me you were sick?
Glottis: Couldn’t stop…
Glottis: …have to save… everyone…
Manny: Are you in much pain, my friend?
Glottis: Only because I let you down, Manny.
Manny: What can I get you? Will anything help?
Glottis: I need to race, to fly, like…
Glottis: …like the old days, Manny, in the Bone Wagon…
Manny: But the Bone Wagon’s not here, carnal!
Glottis: Maybe I’ll see her… on the other side…
Manny: Please don’t die, Glottis!
Glottis: The Land calls back its children, Manny…
Glottis: Who am I to say no?
Manny: Can’t we make a new hot rod?
Glottis: Those days are done, Manny, no more hot ro–
Glottis: Hey, what’s that red thing?
Manny: The gondola?
Glottis: Hmmm… sweet decal work…
Glottis: Listen fellas, somebody…
Glottis: …somebody get a pen!
Glottis: There it is, my final work…
Glottis: It could save me, if you have the right…
Glottis: (cough, cough)
Glottis: …the right…
Glottis: (cough!)
Glottis: …fuel…
Manny: What fuel, Glottis?
Manny: Glottis!
Manny: What’s wrong with him?
Mechanic 1: Do you not know the one purpose, the one skill, the one desire of this humble spirit?
Manny: Yes, but we’ve been so far away from cars and civilization for so long…
Mechanic 1: Why?
Mechanic 2: Why did he ever leave his home?
Manny: I…uh…
Manny: I got him fired, and then…uh…
Manny: I needed a ride…
Manny: Oh, Glottis! What have I done to you?
Manny: Can you cure him?
Mechanic 1: His spirit has fallen so low, normal driving would not cure him in time.
Mechanic 2: He needs to go faster…
Mechanic 1: FASTER!
Mechanic 2: FASTER!
Manny: Do you have any vehicles here that we could use to revive him?
Mechanic 1: Only the trucks that deliver the souls…
Mechanic 2: But they are slow…
Mechanic 2: …SO SLOW…
Mechanic 1: …SO SLOW…
Manny: Who are you guys?
Mechanic 1: We are mechanics!
Mechanic 2: We are mechanics!
Mechanic 1: Same as he!
Mechanic 2: But we have never before seen one of our kind so…
Mechanic 1: …so large!
Mechanic 2: …so large!
Manny: I’ve got to go see what I can do.
Mechanic 1: Come back quickly.
Mechanic 2: For his time here is not long…
Manny: It’s the mug I gave Bruno, and it’s full of that foam I packed him in.
Manny: That’s no place to put a mug!
Manny: I’d drink it, but I don’t want to get a packing-foam-mustache.
Manny: It’s full of caskets!
Manny: (sigh)
Manny: Glottis would love these.
Manny: Don’t have a jack.
Manny: Hello?
Manny: Whew! They’re empty.
Manny: Nothing in the cab but donut boxes and coffee-to-go cups.
Manny: Same as the other cab.
Manny: Locked. Probably to keep out the Yeti.
Manny: That’s the road we came in on…
Manny: Nothing out there but snow, and a perfectly good pair of sunglasses.
Manny: There’s some packing foam in here, with a Bruno-shaped dent in it.
Manny: Looks like standard D.O.D. issue.
Manny: I already got a mugful of that stuff.
Manny: Give me a break. Those stairs are murder!
Manny: Helloooooo!
Manny: Wow, no echo.
Manny: We truly are at the edge of the world.
Manny: That’s the way back up to the temple.
Manny: Mmmmm… happiness is a warm rag.
Mechanic 1: What was in that mug???
Mechanic 2: Something that powerful could fuel a…
Mechanic 1: …a ROCKET!
Mechanic 2: …a ROCKET!
Mechanic 1: If only we had more!
Manny: Well… I could score you a couple of truckloads, if you’re interested.
Mechanic 1: Not again! Will they never learn?
Manny: It was the little guy, I saw him.
Mechanic 1: Ach, and he denied it the last time!
Manny: It’s a lovely rag.
Manny: Say hello, Mr. Rag!
Manny: Hello, Mr. Rag!
Manny: I’m not in the mood to dust.
Manny: I already have a rag I don’t know what to do with.
Manny: Always a good idea to have a clean rag around.
Manny: It’s full of rags.
Manny: There’s a note next to this toaster: “To avoid further mishaps, PLEASE…
Manny: …butter your english muffins AFTER you toast them. -Facilities”
Manny: But then, what would the little mechanics toast their tiny English muffins in?
Manny: Hey, my mug’s on the rack–I feel like an honorary employee!
Manny: It’s The Mug Rack at the End of the World!
Manny: Sadly, I have no mug to hang.
Manny: I’ve already got a mug…
Manny: …and quite a handsome one at that, I might add.
Manny: The last thing I need is a cheesy novelty mug…
Manny: Especially one that says, “Gondola Mechanics do it Without a Net!”
Manny: I hate it when people leave their crusty mugs out in the break room.
Manny: Since nobody listened to my last warning about keeping this refrigerator clean…
Manny: I’m afraid I’m gonna have to lock it until some of you grow up…
Manny: –signed, the Facilities Dept.”
Manny: Heh.
Manny: I can’t–It’s locked because of something to do with my mother.
Glottis: What’s that?
Manny: It’s, uh…
Manny: Lumbago Lemonade.
Manny: Try it!
Glottis: Hmmmm!
Glottis: Not bad.
Glottis: Perkly little aperitif, actually heh…
Glottis: Yessiree…
Glottis: Not bad a’tall…
Glottis: (whistle)
Manny: Olivia’s kitchen…
Glottis: Luuuuuuuuummmbagoooooooooooooo Lemonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade!
Glottis: Lemonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade!
Meche: Manny, aren’t we in a hurry?
Manny: Don’t worry. This won’t take long.
Glottis: Oooohhhhh…
Glottis: My stomach don’t stretch like it used ta…
Meche: Oh, Glottis…
Manny: Ship in a bottle.
Glottis: Nice.
Manny: Booby-trapped!
Glottis: By who?
Glottis: WHO???
Manny: Soon to be known as the “Blown Wagon.”
Glottis: HEY!
Manny: Make things easier if I could.
Manny: I’d better disarm her first.
Manny: The gelatin is still liquefied–It wouldn’t stop the dominos from falling!
Manny: I can’t get to her without setting off Domino’s booby-trap!
Manny: Looks better.
Glottis: Feels better!
Manny: He looks like HE’S about to blow, too.
Manny: Poor guy, so nervous I think he’s gonna be sick.
Manny: Piece of cake.
Manny: Make it gel!
Glottis: Hey, I made it spill, the rest is up to you.
Manny: So, what IS that stuff they pack canned hams in, anyway?
Glottis: Bllllllllaaaaaaachhhhhh!
Glottis: Haaaaa-gggggggg!
Glottis: Blooooooooooch!
Glottis: Gloooosh!
Glottis: Ah-ggggggggggk!
Glottis: Plhhhhhhhhgggg!
Manny: Good show my friend.
Glottis: You wouldn’t happen to have a breath mint on you, I suppose?
Manny: Don’t panic.
Glottis: Gyaahhhay!
Manny: I’ve put his stomach through enough for a while.
Manny: Oooh, these are still unstabilized…
Manny: I’d rather defuse the bomb first.
Manny: A parade of bones, trapped in a suspended state…
Manny: Kind of a metaphor for all of us really if you think—
Manny: It’s not gelling!
Glottis: It can’t gel now!
Glottis: It got all nice and waaaarm in my beeeeelly.
Manny: Those dominos are like one long fuse!
Manny: I don’t think my hands are steady enough for that!
Manny: I’m not setting foot down there–the slightest bump could start those dominos tumbling!
Manny: Mmmm… looks good, but I prefer it with pineapple rings.
Manny: I’m REALLY not sticking my hand in there now!
Glottis: Hey, good idea…
Glottis: I bet I could keep it down now that it’s cold!
Manny: Just let me get across first, okay?
Manny: It would just evaporate!
Manny: You have to admire the old-fashioned touches.
Manny: (sigh)
Manny: That would solve SO many of my problems…
Manny: Fiendish!
Manny: Well, here goes nothing.
Manny: That’s the door to the docks.
Manny: Okay, here’s the plan:
Manny: I need a disguise so I can get close to Hector…
Manny: …and a gun so we’ll have something to talk about when I get there.
Meche: If you figure out that part, I’ll go find out where he is.
Eva: His casino tower is directly above these headquarters.
Meche: All right, meet me there!
Eva: Volunteers quickly for dangerous work–she could be very useful to the cause…
Manny: As far as I’m concerned…
Manny: She IS the cause.
Manny: Who’s the plant nut?
Eva: That “nut” is Hector LeMans’ personal munitions expert, Bowlsley…
Eva: A.K.A. “The Florist.”
Eva: That was his job in the old world, but here he’s a botanical weapons expert…
Eva: This has left him fairly…
Eva: …conflicted.
Manny: Seems like a gentle enough guy…
Manny: Why does he make sproutella for Hector instead of our side?
Eva: We’ve been trying to recruit him for years, but his lab is in Hector’s tower…
Eva: He’s untouchable!
Manny: Hmmmm…
Manny: Bet if I could get that plant-lover out of there, I could talk him into making a gun for me instead!
Manny: Nothing to see but flowers.
Manny: This camera’s showing nothing but flowers…
Manny: –must be another fallen agent.
Manny: This camera’s sprouted as well…
Manny: That’s three L.S.A. casualties in one night!
Manny: I take Meche to all the best places.
Meche: Oh, no please!
Meche: So sad, that poor agent.
Manny: I wonder if this is little Manny?
Manny: This pigeon’s got my scary note from Hector.
Manny: Come here, little Manny!
Manny: Ow-hey!
Manny: Must be little Meche.
Manny: Okay, don’t bite, this is a note.
Manny: You like notes, remember?
Manny: If I show him this photo, he’ll fly off without anything to deliver!
Manny: Go, baby! °Por la revoluciÛn!
Manny: Would you like a bone, little guy?
Manny: Ow! NOT one of mine!
Manny: Nothing else in there besides that agent’s photo.
Manny: No, it might be useful in court someday.
Manny: No, it might come in HANDY, heh heh heh…
Manny: You have served the revolution more than you will ever know.
Manny: I just took it from there!
Manny: I’ll bet the agent in this photo is the poor guy that Hector just shot.
Manny: That’s no way to treat an agent of the L.S.A!
Manny: Hey, Eva finally got that radio working!
Manny: Ksssh!
Manny: Calling all cars! Calling all cars!
Limones: Manuel! Is everything okay?
Manny: Uhm-deh…just testing the equipment, Sal.
Olivia: Salvador, maybe you should shut that thing off, so we can talk…
Manny: Salvador, come in!
Manny: Salvador?
Manny: Memo: To All Agents, priority URGENT:
Manny: In light of the recent disappearances…
Manny: …all agents are ordered to avoid travel in unlit areas until further notice.
Manny: It’s the part of that soldier that DIDN’T get up and hop out of here on one hand.
Manny: Better save this part from sprouting…
Manny: The rest of him has gone to seed already.
Manny: I wonder how that soldier’s getting by without this arm?
Manny: Thank you, SIR!
Manny: I think that would be disrespectful.
Manny: High tech surveillance equipment they have here in the Sewer.
Bowlsley: Hector, I almost have that new bouquet of tulips ready for you…
Hector: Listen to me once and for all, Bowlsley!
Bowlsley: But… I…
Manny: It’s my ex-boss’ ex-secretary, Eva!
Eva: You’re never gonna let me forget the secretary thing, are ya?
Manny: Not in front of Meche.
Manny: Any messages for me?
Eva: No, calls stopped coming for you the day you left.
Eva: They’re STILL sending you that lingerie catalog, though.
Eva: So sad to think that his body is still up in that evil tower…
Eva: In my line of work, you see plenty of that.
Manny: This remote control works the Bone Wagon’s suspension.
Glottis: Not so high!
Glottis: Watch the chrome!
Manny: Looks like this ladder goes to street level.
Manny: Got to figure out some way to disguise this pretty face before I hit the streets.

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